Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 month pediatrician visit

Shannon helped me pack up the kids and head to the pediatrician Friday for their 9 month well visit. That's pretty funny to have a well visit while they were sick. But I was thankful for the doctor to check on them and make sure nothing was settling into their lungs yet.

Adam is such the squirmer and busy-body any more. Shannon picked him for the routine at the doctor's office - get undressed, in the hall to get weighed, length measured, etc. It takes about twice as long to go through the steps with him. I was sitting in the chair with Sara all wrapped in a blanket to keep warm and looked over at the exam table when Shannon was finished. Adam had ripped off half the exam table paper and rolled it in a ball from chewing on it. But he was all grins, so happy with himself while sitting on Shannon's lap!

Dr. Neese continues to think they look fantastic and is amazed they are eating 3 meals a day, then breast milk for dessert, and a nice 12 hour sleep all night.

Sara weighed in at 15lb 2oz. That is a 1lb 5oz gain since their last shot visit 8 weeks ago.
Adam weighed in at 15lb 11oz, which is a 15oz gain. I was surprised he didn't weigh more.

As far as length,
Sara is 26.75" long, up 2.75" since their 6 month visit on 10/8.
Adam is 27.5" long, up 2.25".

When comparing the kids with other babies born at the same time, Sara is in the 2% range for weight, 21% for length, and 5% for head size. Adam is .66% for weight, 22% for length, and 30% for head size.

That is pretty exciting that they are starting to get on the charts but what is more awesome is when you look at their super preemie growth chart status. Sara's weight falls at 75% and 95% for length. Adam's weight is 60% and length is 95% or above. To me, that's just confirmation that they are still our wonder twins!

Next appointments:
Jan 14 - Follow up eye appointments for both kids
Jan 19 - Adam's first developmental appointment with the Easter Seals program (RDFP)

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