Saturday, January 2, 2010

9 month birthday

About this time 9 months ago I think I was telling Shannon 'I feel loopy.' The room was spinning a little from all the magnesium sulfate my body had been processing throughout the day trying to hold off labor. It was nice that I didn't feel contractions all day long but seeing 2 of my husband's heads overlapping in front of my wasn't quite right, either.

It's strange how time can seem to pass slow, yet fast at the same time. Obviously we have been away from the NICU for months. I have watched the kids go from doing nothing but eating every 3 hours and going right back to sleep, strapped to wires and alarms that made us now rolling over, smiling and interacting, eating, taking toys from each other. Adam loves to socialize and smiles at anyone, even through his thumb in his mouth. Sara is famous for her butt dance and now wants so desperately to sit up. She lays on the floor and lifts her head and her feet. We give her a little help and she is so proud of herself to be sitting.

I think one more blink and it will probably be their first birthday!

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