Sunday, January 31, 2010

Puppies are such great entertainment

The kids are getting to the age where they watch Ivy every time she's around. They reach their hand out and try to grab her tongue as she licks them. They pet her as best they can, sometimes getting a handful of fur. Ivy watches out for them and checks to make sure they are safe.

This was good entertainment as they watched Ivy play with her new Christmas toy.

Adam was enjoying trying to pet Ivy. I'm not sure Ivy liked it as much. We are seeing signs of crawling...backwards. Whatever gets you somewhere! Sara just likes watching. I know it seems reclining in the boppy is her standard pose half the time but she really does sit up and play on her tummy, too!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's talk about it

I was shocked yesterday to hear Sara's voice coming through the monitor from her crib. "Dadadadadadada"...take a breath..."Dadadadadada". I looked at Shannon and asked when she started doing that. You would have thought he would have been more excited hearing sounds that are the first resemblance of his name coming from his daughter. But he chalked it up to just making noise. I have been working for weeks on Dada or Mama, pointing every time they see him and saying his name. I guess his ideal would have been more like walking into the nursery to get Sara from a nap and she smiles at him, sits up, and says a single "Da da". We probably have to wait a little longer for that.

Speaking of favorites, I have also been working on teaching the kids to kiss. Thursday night Shannon was getting Sara's pajamas on and he said from the nursery 'It looks like she has learned a new trick.' She had pursed her lips together and separated them in a sound like a kiss. All day Friday I tried to get her to repeat it. No luck. Must have just been a fluke. Shannon walks in the door at the end of the day and what happens? She takes one look at him and makes a sound like a kiss. I see how it is. Reserved only for daddy! That's fine - I'll just work on getting Adam to do it. One of the advantages of having twins! Sure enough, today Adam did a kiss.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video catch up

I thought I would share a few videos I have taken over the past few weeks.

This is from a few weeks ago when we were all in the middle of our bout with colds. Thankfully I think we are finally completely over it. Sara had spent all morning doing a fake laugh...HaHa. Just two little ha ha's in a row. But like usual, you turn on the video camera and they just know!

This video is a few minutes long. Afternoon play time in the exersaucer and jumperoo - so much fun!

This is our current typical play time. Adam gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth. I keep telling Shannon one of these days I am going to leave the room to do something and come back and he will just be gone! And Sara complains if she is in any position other than sitting up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big girl sitting up

For weeks we have watched Sara lay on her back on the floor and lift her head and feet, trying so hard to sit up. She would grunt and groan and then lay back to take a break. She must be developing quite the ab muscles.

And then it happened! She strengthened those muscles enough to be able to sit up on her own. She can't get upright by herself, no matter how hard she tries. And she's still a little wobbly. But she's so proud of herself to be able to see the world from a different perspective.

Look at my big girl!

Thursday's eye appointment

Last Thursday the kids visited Dr. Vahey at Illinois Eye Center for a 6 month follow-up eye appointment. They did much better this time at moving the kids through the system and getting their eyes dilated right away. I was impressed, actually. We were in and out within an hour. Not bad for 2 kids seeing 2 different lab techs and a doctor.

They did a few simple tests to make sure they could follow moving objects with each eye. Their eyes were dilated so the doctor could shine a light into their eyes and look for any problems, diseases, etc. When I go to the eye doctor, he loads glass "slides" into a machine for me to look through and determine which slide I prefer to correct my vision best. Dr. Vahey took those same slides and held them in front of the kids' eyes and shone a light through them. I am amazed she can use this method to measure the strength of correction they would need for their vision right now.

I mentioned that I have noticed Sara has discharge in her eyes sometimes. Just a little "sleepy" in the corner like when I wake up sometimes. Nothing major. Dr. Vahey said with babies that can be an indication of the passage leading from the tear duct to the sinuses is too small. If it's an issue, she would prefer to open the passage wider before Sara is 1. We made an appointment for 2 months from now. If it goes away, we can cancel the appointment but if it is still happening, she would like to see her again and see if there is an issue. We'll keep an eye on it (no pun intended) but I imagine we won't have to return.

As far as Adam, Dr. Vahey diagnosed that he has astigmatism, which means his eyes are not shaped completely round like a basketball but more oval like a football. This is common at times with children and more so with preemies. For children with a small amount of astigmatism, no action is needed. If it is a large amount, glasses will be required. Glasses will not correct the issue but help with vision so he wouldn't experience long-term bluriness. As he grows, the shape of his eye will change and the amount of astigmatism may increase or decrease depending on growth. He has another appointment in 6 months to assess the progression and see if correction will be needed.

I certainly hope he won't need glasses - I can't even imagine! He grabs at everything around as it is now. I doubt we would be able to keep them on him!

Cereal update part ???

Shannon's branching out...chocolate Cheerios!

Never heard of them but if something new is out that has chocolate in it, you can bet he knows about it. They had a sampling at the grocery store the other day and I guess it's a winner!

Squash will do that

Dr. Neese, our pediatrician, called with Adam's lab results last night. He was a little confused at first because he didn't remember ordering any labs. So I had to explain that it was at the suggestion of Dr. Corralis. He said all levels tested looked normal and asked what she was looking for. I told him she thought he looked yellow. He asked 'Is he eating a lot of carrots and squash?' My reply was 'carrots a little and a lot of squash.' His conclusion was 'squash will do that to you!'

There you have it - you are what you eat!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adam's first RDFP appointment

I still have some other information to catch up from last week but I thought I would do a quick lunchtime post to provide an update on Adam's first RDFP appointment. This is the Easter Seals developmental program that we have been anxiously awaiting since we learned of his Grade 3 brain bleed in the NICU. He will be evaluated by their program at his corrected age of 6 months, 12, 18, 24, and 36 (or when he is actually 9 months, 15, 21, 27, and 39). It is similar to other developmental assessments we have had done in the home through the Early Intervention Program.

The visit began with a weight check, length measurement, and head circumference measurement. Weight today with clothes on and a full diaper was 16lb 12oz. Length of 27.5".

Then we spent some time with Ellen, the physical therapist. He smiled at her right away and was good for most of the assessment until he had performance anxiety at the end and started to cry. She took off her shoes and got right down on the floor with us. Adam sat in front of her on a play mat and she put a little wooden table in front of him. Right away he put his hands on top of the table, wondering what we were going to do.

The first tests Ellen performed were to assess Adam's fine motor skills. Those are grabbing things with his hands and how he handles toys. She got out a little wooden block and put it on the table. He immediately reached for it and picked it up. Of course then it went in his mouth. She put another block on the table. He seemed a little shy. I'm sure it's hard when you are in a new place with a new person and new toys with everyone looking at you. So a third block went on the table and he picked that one up in his free hand. Maybe he just liked that color better. She asked if he was banging toys together with both hands yet. No, not yet. But she was happy to see him using both hands at the same time.

She got out another bright colored toy with a string attached. He reached right for the string and grabbed it, which is an advanced maneuver.

The next test was a wooden board with pegs sticking out of holes. She showed him that the peg pulled out of the hole and went back in. He was watching her so intently. He put his little hand around the peg and pulled and pulled. The only problem was that he wasn't pulling straight up but more of an angle. After much trying, he decided he would just take his mouth to the peg and work around the problem!

Now Ellen pulled out a bowl of Cheerios to watch how his pincher grasp was developing. This is much improved over a few weeks ago because he reached and grabbed it with his thumb and forefinger and...tried to put it in his mouth.

She moved on to assessing his gross motor skills, which is the large muscle groups that are used to roll over, stand, sit, and crawl. Ellen began by seeing if Adam could sit up. She moved his legs so his knees were bent in front of him for stability, almost like a cross-legged sit. He held that for just a little bit and then stretched them out straight, which made him lose balance. She laid him on his back on the floor and watched him roll over right away. Then Ellen put some toys around him to see how he would move to get them. This is when he started getting a little anxious. At home, he would be all over the place twisting and turning in circles to get the toys on the blanket. But he just propped up on his arms and looked at all of us.

While he was laying there she took off his socks and rolled up his pants so she could see his legs and feet. She rotated his ankles around and moved his legs. Then she had him stand.

Ellen's portion of the assessment was over. She said Adam is very advanced with his fine motor skills and rates him at 8 1/2 months - just one month behind his actual age. Excellent news! However, she sees some tone issues in his legs and rates him at 6 months with gross motor skills. This surprised me. If you are around Adam, you would see that he rolls over, stands, and gets up on his knees like he is almost crawling. Ellen told us most babies when they sit up, naturally hold their legs in front of them with their knees bent for stability. Adam doesn't hold that position and by straightening his legs, that is an example of tone or stiffness. Another example is that when he stands, he has a tendency to stand on his tip toes rather than flat footed. This can cause balance issues as he is learning to walk.

When Ellen was working with his ankles and feet, she also noticed they seem a little stiff. She gave us some exercises that we can do 3-4 times a day to stretch that muscle that runs from the bottom of your foot, up your calf, around your knee, and into your thigh. While he loves his time in the exersaucer and jumperoo she would like us to not have him in it at all or limit his time to no more than 10 minutes per day. The way the seat is positioned it has a tendency to force them to lean back and put their weight on their toes rather than stand upright, flat footed.

Because we don't have another appointment with RDFP for 6 months, she would like us to start our communication with Early Intervention again. She is going to call the physical therapist and ask if she can assess Adam once or twice a month for the next 6 months. This timeframe is a very key time to keep a close eye on him and make sure he continues to move forward with development and not regress with his gross motor skills. Obviously we are willing to do any exercises she recommends and attack these minor issues early on. We feel thankful that we can be part of a valuable program, especially at no charge to us!

With that portion of the assessment over, we moved to another room to get examined by Dr. Corralis. She was actually Adam's doctor on June 1 and handled his discharge from the NICU. The first thing she said when she walked in the room was that he looked yellow - is he always this yellow? I don't know. He is typically more pale and Sara has pink rosy cheeks. She wrote a script for a blood test to check his levels - maybe he has jaundice, anemia, or possibly an iron deficiency. Dr. did a short physical exam and then pulled out some toys of her own to rate him on some things. He picked up both blocks again, actually got the peg out of the board this time, pulled on the string, looked at himself in the mirror and touched it, and flailed his hands out wide as a sign of protection/catching himself when he felt like she was dropping him face down. Thankfully, no spit up! We put him on the floor sitting up and he bent forward in a crawl position - hadn't seen that one yet. And she stood him up to look at the tone herself. She didn't feel it was as bad as Ellen because while he started on his tiptoes, he did relax and settle into being flat footed eventually. Dr. Corralis agreed that he rated 8 1/2 months on the fine motor skills. She was very proud of him.

Since we still had a little time before needing to relieve Dawn watching Sara, we thought we would try to get his blood test done at the hospital. What an ordeal! Dr. Corralis didn't write a diagnosis on the script so they couldn't fill it without it. Quite a few phone calls and 40 minutes of waiting, we finally got what we needed. The lab was quite helpful in moving us through quickly once the paperwork was in order. Adam thought the prick in his heel was no big deal. It was the lady squeezing his foot to get blood out that made him really mad. Sorry for the tears, my boy! Results will be sent to Dr. Neese, the pediatrician, and we will see if that skin color is just normal for him or if something needs attention.

Monday, January 18, 2010


My aunt Robyn visited last week and brought her twin granddaughters with her, Peyton and Morgan. It's hard to believe they are going to be turning 4. I still remember the phone call from my cousin Emily when it looked like they would be arriving into this world 6 weeks early. The girls had a stay in the Milwaukee NICU and are another example of NICU wonder twins!

The girls had a great time with the kids and thought it was neat the babies kept smiling at them. I wonder if Adam & Sara got confused seeing two people in front of them that look so alike or if they could tell them apart better than me! We only had a few meltdowns and a couple injuries with minimal blood loss.

Tuesday they played in the snow. I should have researched more ahead of time to find places to go sledding but I think they still had fun romping in the yard and wearing out Robyn. Sara and Robyn had a lengthy challenge of who could blow the most raspberries. I think it ended in a tie but Sara did produce more spit! The girls enjoyed my whirlpool bath tub for tub time. Until one wanted the jets running to make more bubbles and the other didn't! And they had so many bubbles to get off we had to rinse them in the shower.

Wednesday I went to work in the morning while Robyn took care of all 4 kids and baked some more baby food. Everything seemed to be going well for the finishing touches of installing the new geothermal system in our house until they fired it up in the afternoon and let's just say fire is a good word for it! Apparently a piece of styrofoam was still in the unit and caught on fire, which filled the first floor with smoke and set off all the smoke detectors. Of course Shannon wasn't home at the time and I was trying to figure out how to air out the house and get them turned off. Sara was awake and didn't even make a peep. Adam slept through it. Soothing memories of alarms in the NICU! The girls helped with the babies' bath time in the evening and asked 'what's that?' when they saw Adam was a little different than the other girl cousins. Thankfully, Robyn handled that response. Seems a little too early for those discussions.

We went to a romper room play time at the local park district on Thursday. While it sounded much more elaborate in the brochure, we made the best of it and had a good time. Then in the afternoon we did some shopping and went to an eye appointment for Adam & Sara. We drew quite the attention, especially when people thought I had 2 sets of twins. Peyton & Morgan kept telling people they were twins and introducing which baby was Adam and which was Sara. It was even funnier when we would tell them Robyn is a twin, too! What cracks me up is that people look at the girls and ask if they are twins. Come on, they could be clones!

Friday we wrapped things up by making some chicken pot pies to freeze. Robyn has been a big help since mid pregnancy in helping me make and freeze food. It makes dinner time options much easier when the evening is crazy with feeding the kids and getting them to bed. There isn't a whole lot of time to devote to making something from scratch.

Hopefully next time big sister Jordyn will be able to visit. She has missed out a couple times now that she is in school. Sorry, Emily, but Peyton is wearing purple...

Peyton Clare with Sara Makenzie. Morgan Elisa with Adam Joseph.

Car seat safety

Adam could be in an ad campaign for why not to leave your child unbuckled and unattended. It's a little deceiving in that it looks like he is crawling in the car seat. But he actually started out sitting in it, unbuckled and ready to leave for a shopping excursion. Maybe he was trying to escape because he knew we were going shopping! Don't worry, there was another adult close by without a camera in her hand!

Sara's got feet, too

It took a little longer but Sara has discovered her feet. She just plays with them - no sucking on the big toe like Adam. Maybe she would if she didn't have a little more in the belly to work around. Or maybe she realizes 'that's just gross, Adam! Your feet have been in sweaty socks all day!'

Proof of teeth

Adam's 2 teeth are really starting to poke out. We try to avoid those newly formed, sharp little razors as much as possible! Thankfully, I haven't felt them while he is nursing because a baby's tongue prevents that while they are eating. Unfortunately, Adam now likes to try to roll over in my lap if he gets bored with the speed of milk flow. I have felt his new teeth wrath a time or two in that situation. Makes a momma just a little nervous sometimes!

It's hard to get him to open his mouth and reveal the evidence of his 2 bottom teeth because he keeps thinking you are going to put something in there that he can chew on. So we snapped this photo just before he took a bite at mealtime!

No signs from Sara yet but she keeps wanting to put our fingers in her mouth to bite down so probably soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grandma's cookies rock!

Adam and his sweet tooth! First it was pie, now Grandma Sue's cookies...


This is Sara's pose for most mealtimes right now. Left thumb not easily removed from the mouth, sucking all the goodies off from the previous bite. Right hand raised, index finger pointing up.

We run out of food and I walk away to make more. Returning, I ask 'who would like more food?' Sara raises the finger 'Me!'

Waiter? Excuse me, sir. Another round over here!

9 month pediatrician visit

Shannon helped me pack up the kids and head to the pediatrician Friday for their 9 month well visit. That's pretty funny to have a well visit while they were sick. But I was thankful for the doctor to check on them and make sure nothing was settling into their lungs yet.

Adam is such the squirmer and busy-body any more. Shannon picked him for the routine at the doctor's office - get undressed, in the hall to get weighed, length measured, etc. It takes about twice as long to go through the steps with him. I was sitting in the chair with Sara all wrapped in a blanket to keep warm and looked over at the exam table when Shannon was finished. Adam had ripped off half the exam table paper and rolled it in a ball from chewing on it. But he was all grins, so happy with himself while sitting on Shannon's lap!

Dr. Neese continues to think they look fantastic and is amazed they are eating 3 meals a day, then breast milk for dessert, and a nice 12 hour sleep all night.

Sara weighed in at 15lb 2oz. That is a 1lb 5oz gain since their last shot visit 8 weeks ago.
Adam weighed in at 15lb 11oz, which is a 15oz gain. I was surprised he didn't weigh more.

As far as length,
Sara is 26.75" long, up 2.75" since their 6 month visit on 10/8.
Adam is 27.5" long, up 2.25".

When comparing the kids with other babies born at the same time, Sara is in the 2% range for weight, 21% for length, and 5% for head size. Adam is .66% for weight, 22% for length, and 30% for head size.

That is pretty exciting that they are starting to get on the charts but what is more awesome is when you look at their super preemie growth chart status. Sara's weight falls at 75% and 95% for length. Adam's weight is 60% and length is 95% or above. To me, that's just confirmation that they are still our wonder twins!

Next appointments:
Jan 14 - Follow up eye appointments for both kids
Jan 19 - Adam's first developmental appointment with the Easter Seals program (RDFP)

Our first colds...and then some

This week has been quite the challenge to say the least.

Sunday - Sara woke up with a cough and runny nose.

Monday - I caught the cold.

Tuesday - Adam's turn.

And to throw more on top of that, Sara had woken up at 3am because she didn't drink enough at her last nursing the night before. After going to the bathroom, I turned on the faucet to wash my hands and discovered we didn't have any water! Shannon trudged out to the well in the freezing cold of the night but didn't know what the problem was. After feeding Sara, she fell back asleep at 3:45...for 15 minutes. I ended up holding her in the chair for the next hour before I could sneak in one more hour of sleep before the day started.

The saga continued when Shannon went to ICC to teach a class for the day and I packed up the kids and headed to a friend's house that had water. A few hours later the neighbor that manages our shared well called to say it would be a major repair. The plumber could be there the next day at 7am (Wed) but...we needed to cut our bushes down so he could get his truck over the well to pull it out. Good thing I work for a landscape company now. And I am so thankful for friends that allow us to crash at their house. I know asking if we can spend the night is just a formality. The best part about it was I could wish her a happy birthday the next morning in person. The worst part? Sara not being able to sleep laying down because she was so stuffed up. She slept for all of 1 hour in the pack and play with Adam. I held her in a chair until 10:30 when Shannon came back with our pajamas and from letting the dog have some play time. He then took a turn and held her in a chair until 1, snoozing lightly off and on. She woke up and cried when he tried to lay her down so we propped some pillows in the bed and he held her until 5 when I took over. Adam tossed and turned all night, as well, with not being able to breathe. A really hard night for both of us.

Wednesday Sara decided she still didn't really want to nap. She wasn't cranky. She was just awake and laughing and stuffed up. Apparently when Adam is sick he wants to be left alone and sleep extra. When Sara is sick, she laughs, sleeps less, and wants to be held. By the end of the day I was pretty wiped out but glad to be back home at dinner time to sleep in our own beds. Shannon ran to WalMart for the 2nd time that day and bought a warm mist vaporizer to raise the humidity level in their room. I think it really helped as we all slept through the night in our own beds.

Thursday brought 6" of snow. My prayers were answered when ICC closed and Shannon didn't have to teach another class. I woke up feeling the worst I had and wasn't sure how I would make it on my own to take care of the kids.

Friday Shannon started having symptoms but he was still able to carry some of the load so I could rest. And he helped me take the kids to the pediatrician.

Saturday, finally I am feeling better. I am hoping the kids will turn the corner soon. We haven't really found anything that helps at this point. We are giving them Tylenol. Their nose has been running since Sunday for Sara and Tuesday for Adam. The saline spray doesn't really help and good luck getting them to hold still. We try to suction it out when it's really bad. Again, good luck getting them to hold still. So it just runs and every now and then you see a big snot bubble! Adam absolutely hates having his nose wiped. Sara has mastered grabbing the kleenex before it reaches her nose no matter how much of it you have hidden in the palm of your hand. Her biggest challenge is nursing with a stuffy nose. She takes a couple gulps and then has to stop and suck her thumb because she can't breathe. And their cough is just painful to listen to. I so wanted to make it through the winter without getting sick. But these are the circumstances we have to deal with.

When I would get sick and it was just me to take care of, I really never thought about it. Now that I have been through being sick and having to take care of sick kids at the same time, I realize how easy I had it. And the even bigger challenge is getting your body to still provide enough milk to feed them when it really just wants to shut down and take a nap!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Grandparent Christmas

With the kids still being small this year, we came up with an alternate plan for family Christmas and found a time that both my mom and Shannon's parents could visit to celebrate with the kids. On Tuesday the 29th Shannon's parents arrived to have a day with the kids. They got to feed them lunch and dinner - even Grandpa George dove in and gave it a try! I think they all enjoyed playing together and Sara had some moments of cracking up laughing. Shannon and I opened presents in the evening after the kids went to bed. And the next morning the kids were all smiles to find that they were still there to feed them breakfast!

My mom arrived Wednesday morning to add to the attention the kids were getting. The extra hands allowed me to concentrate on preparing lunch. I decided to make a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and apple crisp. I have never in my life cooked a turkey, even if it wasn't a full bird. There were a few times that I asked myself 'what were you thinking?' I did some research on the internet about baking times and marinades and actually made up my own marinade to baste the turkey with. The meal turned out fabulous! The turkey tasted very yummy and was moist. I am still so proud of myself for juggling feeding the kids and preparing a big meal that turned out well.

We snapped a few photos and laid the kids down for a nap while we opened presents for them. They got some great clothes and toys--they should be all set for at least a few months until another growth spurt!

Shannon's parents left in the evening and my mom stayed a few days to enjoy her snuggle time and help out around the house. We opened presents with my mom later that night.

All in all, I think our Grandparent Christmas turned out great. The kids enjoyed all the attention and I'm sure the grandparents did, too!

Christmas at Uncle Bob's

Originally we were going to stay home for Christmas but when I learned that my Uncle Mark would be in town for the holidays, we started to reconsider. We hadn't seen him for a few years and, living in California, he doesn't make it back very often. He had never met the twins other than through pictures and following the blog. It also helped that rather than the usual 30+ people attending, it would be half that. So the day before Christmas we called around and asked if everyone was feeling healthy. Receiving confirmation, we hopped in the car after breakfast for the 3 hour drive.

Things went well at first - even Sara gave a few smiles to my cousin Beth. Her family hadn't seen the kids since our 4th of July party up there. And she enjoyed hanging out with Amber, my cousin Jason's wife. She has a quiet personality so Sara warmed right up to her! My mom got to feed them. Cousin Sheryl thought they looked great. And the kids are always excited to see my Aunt Robyn, cousin Emily and her three kids. It's so funny that they know to use hand sanitizer before they touch the babies...or as they call it "hanitizer" and apparently around the holidays it changes to "santatizer."

Bob's tree was amazing - 13' tall with white and silver decorations. Sara thought it was a little prickly to touch, though. The food was great. Uncle Mark's homemade lemon meringue pie was well worth the trip. We snapped a few photos of the three sets of twins together...Uncle Bob/Aunt Robyn, Robyn's granddaughters Peyton and Morgan, and my two. The kids got a few fun toys and some clothes to grow into. Even snow pants and a jacket for next winter. They look out the window, excited about all the white and wish they could bundle up for a sled ride now! Soon, year will be here before we know it.

Our biggest struggle of the day was getting Sara to sleep. I think she got overtired and there were too many people at that point. She was crying so hard she was shaking and just didn't want to give up to nap. Shannon finally got her down with some snuggle time.

We headed back home after putting on pajamas at 7. As we were driving in the dark and I was tired, I questioned returning home the same day and not just spending the night. The roads were bad from time to time and we had to slow down. But the next day when we got 7" of snow and the roads were ice covered and drifting, I was thankful we were already home.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sara's spa time

I thought maybe it would only happen once. When it happened again, I thought that might be it. But after a third time, maybe we have a pattern here. Sara loves bath time. Bubble bath time. The kids are at the in-between stage in the little plastic tub where they have outgrown the side that reclines but the side that is upright they can't sit up on their own yet. The past 3 bath times with Sara she has started reclining like normal. And then she gives you a little look and scoots her butt down. You are almost worried that she is going to go under the water but she stops herself. Her ears are covered in water, sometimes she swings a leg over the side of the tub, and then she starts the butt dance and splashes water out while she giggles. Future gift ideas - Sara is going to be a spa girl! Must have started early from the 98% humidity in her incubator.

In case you were wondering, I did not carefully position the bubbles for this public photo op!

9 month birthday

About this time 9 months ago I think I was telling Shannon 'I feel loopy.' The room was spinning a little from all the magnesium sulfate my body had been processing throughout the day trying to hold off labor. It was nice that I didn't feel contractions all day long but seeing 2 of my husband's heads overlapping in front of my wasn't quite right, either.

It's strange how time can seem to pass slow, yet fast at the same time. Obviously we have been away from the NICU for months. I have watched the kids go from doing nothing but eating every 3 hours and going right back to sleep, strapped to wires and alarms that made us now rolling over, smiling and interacting, eating, taking toys from each other. Adam loves to socialize and smiles at anyone, even through his thumb in his mouth. Sara is famous for her butt dance and now wants so desperately to sit up. She lays on the floor and lifts her head and her feet. We give her a little help and she is so proud of herself to be sitting.

I think one more blink and it will probably be their first birthday!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Adam and Sara wish all their blog followers a Happy New Year. May 2010 bring you much prosperity and joy.

We had a little discussion this morning and the kids shared their resolutions for the upcoming year. I explained how it's good to set goals. They thought for a bit and decided to aim big!

By the end of 2010, we plan to...
1. Sit up on our own
2. Crawl
3. Eat food with our fingers
4. Talk
5. Walk

It's gonna be a big year!