Friday, December 18, 2009

Where's your pants?

Shannon knows when I go to check on the kids and he hears me laughing through the baby monitor, it's bound to be something interesting.

Yesterday afternoon Adam was making a bit of a fuss and not wanting to take a very long afternoon nap. I finally decided to give in. Sara was laying face up with her blanket on, sucking her thumb, amused by Adam's irritation. Adam was laying right next to her, face down, with his butt tucked in the air. I pulled the blanket off and that is what started my laughter. "Adam - where's your pants?" He just smiled with his thumb in his mouth. There, in a ball, at the end of the bed by his feet was a ball of clothing that he had wiggled out of.

Maybe that's partly why Sara is more mellow and less active - she's so entertained by Adam's antics that she doesn't need to come up with stuff on her own. Although last night she was all Sara at full volume. Shannon was getting her pajamas on and she was laughing so loud it was making her cough! Plus she is developing great abs with all of her lifting of the butt and wiggling it back and forth.

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