Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mollenhauer family update

Our household seems to be running fairly well lately. Busy. Daily grind. Every day is like Groundhog's Day over and over again - no holidays, no days off, no weekends, no calling in sick. But it's awesome. The kids are such a joy. I think they love a schedule as much as I do. It does flex a little and morning naps go better than afternoon. But for the most part, you can just about set your watch to them. Well, they do know when I'm not home and seem to enjoy changing things around with dad or the twinsitter. They love more and more playing together. Sara is rolling over. Every now and then you catch an audible laugh from Adam. Very seldom do they cry. They are healthy and happy. What more could we ask for?

Shannon is dedicating his time to starting a new business - Trinity Technology Advisors. He is no longer working part-time at Menards in the mornings. And since he isn't looking for employment any more, he doesn't qualify for unemployment. He continues to teach single day computer classes for Illinois Central College's Professional Development Institute when they have a need. Oddly enough, he received a phone call from a company a few weeks back requesting an interview. They had somehow gotten hold of his resume, we're not sure how, and wanted to talk to him about how he might fit with their company. They are being proactive in these economic times and are looking to hire some top notch individuals that are currently available. We don't know where this will lead. It will either confirm that he should continue to follow his dream of running his own business. Or reveal that the business was a short-term endeavor and God will provide in another way. We both love the flexible schedule and having him at home. We'll keep you posted.

As far as me, I changed jobs about a month ago and am working for our friend who owns a landscape business - Designer Concepts Landscape Architecture - as their Office Manager. Tuesdays I go to his home office from 9-3:30 and the rest of the week I work 2-3 hours during morning nap time and another hour or so in the afternoon. I have really enjoyed my time so far. We have talked about this off and on for almost a year and things finally fell into place. I look forward to providing input as the business grows and using my strengths to help make them even more successful.

A lot to manage, for sure, but we are working as a team to keep our home filled with love and running as best we can.

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