Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Production date night

We had the opportunity to get away Thursday night and attend our church's annual Christmas Production. Well, the sneak peek of the final dress rehearsal anyway. Since we have been avoiding large crowds to protect the kids from illness, we've been taking a break from church (attendance of a few thousand people)...and that meant the Production, too. But then my friend gave us the idea of coming to the dress rehearsal.

Our next door neighbor came over to watch the kids. Although they could watch themselves by the time they are in bed and down for the night. She was glad she came 45 minutes early to catch them awake because when I put them to bed and then left for a few hours, it was pretty uneventful. Surprisingly, the kids traded personality places while she was here. Adam was pretty somber and didn't want to give up a smile. He was just really tired. Sara warmed up quickly and started smiling and bouncing up and down on her lap.

Even though it was just a few hours, we enjoyed getting away and seeing the program. It was really quite fabulous. A full set built to look like the front of brownstone apartments, multiple levels to stand on, families decorating the building and inside the apartments for Christmas. A family with a child even rode a surrey up the aisle and onto the stage with a Christmas tree strapped to the top. It amazes me the ideas my friend comes up with every year.

Shannon and I don't have too many opportunities to get out without the kids these days. It usually feels just a little odd to be back to the two of us. But nice to enjoy having a moment together.

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