Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas pictures sneak peek

Once again we ventured to Sears today for a portrait session. Our last oh so fun time was at 4 months of age so 8 months/Christmas seemed to be an appropriate revisit. First let me say that shopping for coordinating boy/girl clothes was one of the greatest challenges I have faced recently. Saturday night the kids were asleep at 7:15 so I quickly headed for the mall. 8 stores and 3 hours later I wandered home, exhausted, unsure if anything I bought matched. I figured if I bought multiple options, something would work out and I would return the rest!

I must say that once we got the kids dressed with what I had settled on, I thought they looked darn cute. All would be well with the world if we could keep the spit from constant raspberries to a minimum, both kids looked at the camera at the same time, AND both kids smiled (in the same photo). I don't think the kids remembered that we had the same photographer as last time. Adam didn't care - he is excited to see anyone and started smiling right away! Sara gave him her typical 'and who are you again?' look!

So after an hour we did the best we could. Some shots turned out great. A few so so. One of Sara horrible as she hit the end of the time she was allowing us to pose her. Adam kept trying to sneak in a thumb suck - so funny. Sara would smile, then the light of the camera would flash, and her expression would turn to one of disgust. By the end, I think she refused to smile any more just so the light wouldn't flash. And both kids learned that it is extremely difficult to sit up on a slippery photo canvas as they kept sliding down into a reclined position.

Here are a few sneak peek shots of their adorable outfits...

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