Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adam's gift from Santa

A tooth!

We were at my Uncle Bob's on Christmas Day and Adam started chewing on my Aunt Robyn's finger. She said 'I think he's got a tooth in there!' I was surprised because I had been checking every few days and didn't feel anything yet. We walked into the kitchen and grabbed a metal spoon out of the drawer and when he bit down on it, sure enough, you could hear a little 'ting'.

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Pam said...

JoLynn: Always enjoy your blogging. It is so great to see how the twins have grown, how you are growing and changing and doing things you wouldn't normally do! What a blessing they have been already. I can't wait to spend some time with them. I loved the pictures at Sears. Adam is a real heartbreaker and Sara looks like she is always planning something. They really are so sweet! Dan has a cold and Dawn now has it! I am sick of the sicknesses and am already looking forward to spring. I can't believe the twins will be One year soon! When I go back and read the blog, it is just amazing how much they have grown over 8 months. You are blessed!