Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adam's developmental results

If you remember, we had an occupational therapist return to the house one month ago for a follow up evaluation of Adam. I thought I would share the results with you. The next step is that he will begin with Easter Seals' Regional Development Follow-up Program (RDFP) in January, which is when he is 6 months corrected age. He will go again at 12 months corrected, 18 months, 24 months, and then 36 months. Each time they will assess him and determine if there are any items that need follow up attention.

For this appointment Adam was 7 months old, 4 months corrected.

Behavioral observations - Adam was accompanied by his mother. Adam was happy and playful. He interacted well with his examiner. Adam was very vocal throughout the evaluation.

Adaptive skills (the evaluator scored him at 6 months of age) - Skills in this area include the expectable behaviors in your child's long-term development in self-care and self-regulation of body functions, such as eating, dressing, and toileting. Adam is now taking Stage 1 baby foods twice a day. He is breast and bottle fed.

Personal/social (scored at 5.5 months) - This area reflects how your child interacts with adults and children, how they express their feelings, self-concept skills, and how they are beginning to play. Adam shows a desire for social attention. He expresses displeasure and enjoyment for certain activities or situations. Adam shows awareness of his hands. Adam smiles and vocalizes in response to adult attention.

Receptive communication (scored at 5 months) - The ability to attach meaning to the speech of others. Adam turns his head toward the source of a sound outside his field of vision. He attends to someone speaking to him. Adam is soothed by a familiar adult's voice.

Expressive communications (scored at 5 months) - The ability to express thought and ideas through verbal and non-verbal means. Adam produces one or more vowel sounds. He babbles. He vocalizes to express feelings.

Gross motor (scored at 6 months) - This area examines your child's gross motor abilities, such as use of the large muscles for changing body positions, kicking, throwing, walking, running, and jumping. Adam moves an object from his hand to his mouth. He turns from his back to his tummy unassisted. Adam intentionally secures a nearby object while in a prone position. Adam sits with support for short periods of time. Adam presents with somewhat increased muscle tone.

Fine motor (scored at 5 months) - Includes hand and finger skills, as well as hand-eye coordination skills used for grasping, manipulation, and the purposeful release and placement of objects in relation to other objects. Adam holds his hands together at midline. He holds an object for one minute. Adam holds his hands in an open position when not grasping an object.

Cognitive (scored at 5 months) - Assesses child's ability to discriminate the features of objects (i.e. size, shape, color), the development of object permanence (knowing that someone or something is still there even when hidden), and the growing ability to relate objects to one another in an insightful manner. Adam follows a visual and auditory stimulus. He shows anticipatory excitement. He visually explores the environment.

In every area the therapist scored Adam 1-2 months above his corrected age. We couldn't be more proud of our little man!

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