Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Synagis for the kids

I posted earlier regarding RSV season and the harmful effects that lung infection can have on a baby born premature. Synagis is a shot administered once a month for 5 months during RSV season to combact the effects should they get RSV. The NICU had recommended to our pediatrician that the kids get Synagis shots. Dr. Neese's office called this morning and told me that our insurance company will only approve the shots if they are administered in the doctor's office and they do not do that in the office. So no shots for the kids--we'll continue to be on extra careful precautions during the winter season, especially with all the sickness that is going around. If you are visiting or considering visiting, please take extra care and refer to our previous post if you need suggestions.

As a side note regarding insurance - please be praying for us to figure out the best options for the whole family. Currently I have the kids on COBRA insurance through my previous full-time employer. With a new calendar year coming up, I want to make sure we make a good decision with our continued options. There is a possibility that the insurance could be changing due to an over 50% increase in the cost to the employer. Shannon has been trying to secure an individual policy but is struggling due to some doctor notations regarding is vericose veins. Even though they do not require surgery, they feel he is too much of a liability.

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