Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy week

Not much updating last week as our household was pretty crazy. I went in to work every afternoon as it was my last week working my part-time job before switching gears (more about that in another post). I gave 6 weeks notice and began training my replacement Wednesday afternoon!

My mom came down Tues-Thurs to help watch the kids while I was away. Shannon taught all day at ICC on Tues/Thurs, except Thurs was canceled last minute. Lisa came Tues & Thurs to provide another set of hands to help my mom with twinsitting and assist with household chores. Thanks for the tag team!

And it seems like Adam has been on an every other night sleep really good schedule. Friday he got up at 4:30 and didn't go back to bed until 6. I caught 20 min more of sleep and then jumped in the shower while Sara was awake in the crib. If I didn't get myself ready at that time, there wasn't any other window of opportunity. We quickly moved through our morning feeding routine to get ready for a pediatrician appointment. It was shot day. They did so much better than last time - tears but not unbearable. Thanks, Sue, for helping with the madness at the doctor's office.

So, at 7 months, the kids officially weighed in at:
Adam -- 14lb 10oz
Sara -- 13lb 13oz
We won't return again until January for a 9 month well visit.

After arriving back home Friday, I ate lunch, fed the kids, and headed into work for a few hours. Ran home, ate dinner, fed the kids, and left them with my aunt Robyn for the evening so Shannon and I could attend a marriage conference at our local church. It was quite the long day since we didn't get home until 11:30 that night. Thankfully, everyone slept all night. We headed back to the conference Saturday. More about that in another post.

Sunday night Adam decided to get up at 1 and again from 4-6. I laid in bed for 30 min before deciding he was still talking to himself and he wasn't going to fall back asleep. I think his problem that night was that Sara had turned sideways and he wasn't able to snuggle next to her. Entering the nursery I found him tugging on her leg and of course Sara slept through it all! I was able to nap another hour after that before getting up for the day.

Thankfully last night he slept all night so we will see what tonight brings!

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