Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adam found his feet!

As if it isn't hard enough to change his diaper when he's trying to roll over on the changing table. Now we have to compete with the feet, too!


Pam said...

I am so glad that you are still posting about the twins. Hopefully my life will settle down and the kids will stay well and I will get rid of my cough! I have had it for 4 weeks now. It has to be like an asthmatic cough or something. I am not sick otherwise. I still have 9 boxes in the bedroom to unpack. I have thought about just putting them outside and lighting a match to them. I mean, I haven't need the stuff in 8 weeks, why could possibly be in them? hmmmmm. Anyway, I am glad to get to read and see the updates on the blog! Thanks!

Pam Again said...

It won't let me delete the previous comment, so that I can correct my word usage! I meant, "what" and not "why" when referring to the boxes, and "needed" not just need. Sometimes I think faster than I am typing. I guess it would help to re-read what I have typed. LOL