Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crib dance

The past 3 nights Shannon and I have been amazed at how much the kids are moving in the crib overnight. (Yes, they are still sharing a crib!) We walk in the nursery in the morning, not sure what we will find, and just crack up laughing.

Saturday night we went to the Designer Concepts Fall Finale celebration dinner. Our friends the Hittingers took on the challenge to feed the kids dinner and put them to bed. They laid them in the crib as directed - Adam on the right side of the crib, Sara on the left, both leaning 45 degrees diagonally to the left. If you picture the face of a clock, their head would be between 9 & 10, their feet between 4 & 5. When we went to bed, I peeked in and they had rotated even more to the left. They were laying lengthwise in the crib, Adam was face down, snuggled next to the length of Sara. My mind did a double take when I walked in the next morning to find that they had turned a full 180 degrees.

Sunday night we again laid them in their starting positions. At 5:30 in the morning I heard a banging against the crib. Sara had rotated to laying lengthwise. Adam somehow was on her right, instead of her left, with his head pressed against the lower corner of the crib. He was on his tummy, with his knees tucked under him and his little butt in the air. His feet were by Sara's face. I just shook my head in disbelief, picked him up over Sara and put him back in his spot so we could both sleep another hour.

Last night was pretty crazy all around. The kids have been cranky lately as I think they are teething. Sara only slept 20 min for her morning nap, Adam 45. The afternoon wasn't much better. I nursed them their dessert meal and they were both in bed by 6:30. (I tell people they are eating 4 meals a day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We still nurse together all 4 of those times and then they get food with breakfast and dinner.) Adam got up one more time an hour later for a bit, and Sara took the opportunity to hog the whole crib while he was gone. We shifted her back to her spot so we could lay Adam back down. When we went to bed, Sara had now turned completely upside down. Adam was perpendicular to her, with his head tucked in her stomach, and his body stretching out to the right side of the crib. What did the morning bring? Sara had shifted back to right side up. Adam snuck around her again and was on her right with his head in the lower corner of the crib. I think when we turn the lights out, he actually leap frogs over her!

And the amazing thing about all of it? They don't wake each other up with this middle of the night dancing they do!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adam found his feet!

As if it isn't hard enough to change his diaper when he's trying to roll over on the changing table. Now we have to compete with the feet, too!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


After last weekend's visit from Aunt Robyn, we are sufficiently stocked up on baby food! While we were at the marriage conference, she cooked and pureed the acorn squash, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes we had bought. Why stop there? She noticed apples and carrots in the refrigerator and green beans in the freezer. We then made a trip to a cute little supermarket on the Washington square that has a great produce section and bought some asparagus, frozen peas, and a can of peaches and pumpkin. What a variety the kids have now! On the approved list - peaches, pears, bananas, avocados, apples, pumpkin, multiple squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas. Waiting in the wings to try - carrots and asparagus. So far they have liked everything. The green beans and peas are a little harder to digest so they get that sparingly. Their tummies may be a little young yet for the non-orange items. It's a lot of fun to make them food and know exactly what they are eating. Plus, it smells really great when it's heated in the microwave. Shannon and I have commented a few times that the kids are going to get us to try some new things and expand our horizons!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy week

Not much updating last week as our household was pretty crazy. I went in to work every afternoon as it was my last week working my part-time job before switching gears (more about that in another post). I gave 6 weeks notice and began training my replacement Wednesday afternoon!

My mom came down Tues-Thurs to help watch the kids while I was away. Shannon taught all day at ICC on Tues/Thurs, except Thurs was canceled last minute. Lisa came Tues & Thurs to provide another set of hands to help my mom with twinsitting and assist with household chores. Thanks for the tag team!

And it seems like Adam has been on an every other night sleep really good schedule. Friday he got up at 4:30 and didn't go back to bed until 6. I caught 20 min more of sleep and then jumped in the shower while Sara was awake in the crib. If I didn't get myself ready at that time, there wasn't any other window of opportunity. We quickly moved through our morning feeding routine to get ready for a pediatrician appointment. It was shot day. They did so much better than last time - tears but not unbearable. Thanks, Sue, for helping with the madness at the doctor's office.

So, at 7 months, the kids officially weighed in at:
Adam -- 14lb 10oz
Sara -- 13lb 13oz
We won't return again until January for a 9 month well visit.

After arriving back home Friday, I ate lunch, fed the kids, and headed into work for a few hours. Ran home, ate dinner, fed the kids, and left them with my aunt Robyn for the evening so Shannon and I could attend a marriage conference at our local church. It was quite the long day since we didn't get home until 11:30 that night. Thankfully, everyone slept all night. We headed back to the conference Saturday. More about that in another post.

Sunday night Adam decided to get up at 1 and again from 4-6. I laid in bed for 30 min before deciding he was still talking to himself and he wasn't going to fall back asleep. I think his problem that night was that Sara had turned sideways and he wasn't able to snuggle next to her. Entering the nursery I found him tugging on her leg and of course Sara slept through it all! I was able to nap another hour after that before getting up for the day.

Thankfully last night he slept all night so we will see what tonight brings!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Synagis for the kids

I posted earlier regarding RSV season and the harmful effects that lung infection can have on a baby born premature. Synagis is a shot administered once a month for 5 months during RSV season to combact the effects should they get RSV. The NICU had recommended to our pediatrician that the kids get Synagis shots. Dr. Neese's office called this morning and told me that our insurance company will only approve the shots if they are administered in the doctor's office and they do not do that in the office. So no shots for the kids--we'll continue to be on extra careful precautions during the winter season, especially with all the sickness that is going around. If you are visiting or considering visiting, please take extra care and refer to our previous post if you need suggestions.

As a side note regarding insurance - please be praying for us to figure out the best options for the whole family. Currently I have the kids on COBRA insurance through my previous full-time employer. With a new calendar year coming up, I want to make sure we make a good decision with our continued options. There is a possibility that the insurance could be changing due to an over 50% increase in the cost to the employer. Shannon has been trying to secure an individual policy but is struggling due to some doctor notations regarding is vericose veins. Even though they do not require surgery, they feel he is too much of a liability.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sara gets the spotlight

So many times I talk about Adam and his milestones while Sara just gets a mention. I thought it was time again for Sara to have a shining moment.

And now for some video...Sara just talking.

Standing with Shannon.

My favorite - cracking herself up on the changing table!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thumbs up for avocado

Got the kids approval for mashed avocado this morning. 2 ripe avocados are the equivalent of approximately 5-6 jars of baby food. $1.49. Not bad. Variety is good. Maybe they will be less picky eaters than me, although I don't think I was necessarily picky as a baby, either. It was once I got older and had the option to turn up my nose!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another assessment for Adam

An occupational therapist from Early Intervention did an in-home follow up assessment with Adam today. He had already received a physical therapy follow up but because the occupational therapist had to be reassigned, her appointment was delayed.

Side note: I knew she was coming today but I couldn't remember what time. We had the conversation while I was on my way to Minnesota and the envelope with my notes got thrown away! I had 1:30 in my head. Boy was I off when she rang the doorbell at 8:30. I sure was glad that I snuck in a shower at 6:45. But I'm sure it looked strange when I had a nice sweater on and pajama pants. My jeans were clean in the laundry room but I didn't want to wake the dog. Oh, well, at least I got a shower, especially since I didn't get one yesterday with the extra duties from Shannon being sick!

She was able to take a lot of notes as she watched Adam finish eating his breakfast. Or at least he tried eating - he seemed more interested in smiling at her and giggling! What a flirt! She noticed that he was social and smiling, as well as talking. Then she worked with him grabbing toys to see if he would put them to his mouth and shaking rattles. She got him out of his highchair and laid him on the floor. He quickly showed off his standing skills, as well as his new trick...when you pull on his hands while he is laying down, he doesn't just sit up - he goes right to standing. His challenge was then to see if he could sit without any assistance. He did better than I thought he would but was a little wobbly. And of course he had to show her how he could roll over to his tummy. This was the best I have seen him on his stomach - relaxed body and legs kicking rather than all spread out stiff. He was also reaching for toys in front of him.

We will receive the official assessment report in the mail. Her overall opinion was that he looked excellent. She felt in some areas he was on track for his corrected age of 4 months and some areas he was closer to his actual age of 7 months. She was very impressed with his tummy time - most babies don't like to be playing on their stomachs at this point. The concern she reiterated from the physical therapist was looking for strength vs. tone. Strength is the ability to perform controlled tasks, while tone is stiffness of motor skills and a possible sign of effects from his brain bleed. Examples of this were seen when he would sit and try to throw his weight back rather than allow his body to relax. And while he had good tummy time this morning, his tendency is to show stiffness.

When we visit Easter Seals for our first appointment in January, they will analyze this issue better. Over the next few months, we can work on getting him to relax while seated, as well as offer more tummy time while stretching for toys.

It's always exciting to hear the views of an experienced professional. I am thankful to have these interim assessments so any struggles Adam may have can be quickly corrected, eliminating residual issues from his IVH. He is going to have quite the story some day...

Applesauce is on the menu

It's almost like checking in with Culver's custard flavor of the day!

I really never thought I would be a mom who made her kids baby food. Just saying it like that sounds like so much work. And it's not that I'm a health nut. Anyone that knows me knows that I only eat a meal to get to dessert! Some days I get a few servings of fruits and vegetables in but never what is recommended. I think I just got intrigued by the idea, like saving money, and it's pretty easy. How hard is it to open your fridge, grab a few apples, peel, cube, cook, mash, and freeze. Homemade applesauce. And the kids love it - it's so cute to hear 'Mmmm' with every bite! Sara especially gets so excited with squawking and flailing her arms.

Shannon went to the store tonight to buy the kids more food. He came home with pears, avocados, sweet potatoes, and squash. I'm going to bake the sweet potatoes and squash tomorrow and let the pears and avocados ripen a bit.

Monday, November 2, 2009

7 month weight update

7 months today...

Adam - 14lb 10oz
Sara - 13lb 13oz