Thursday, October 15, 2009

Road trip

We are taking our gig on the road. I packed up the kids and half the house to travel to Wisconsin yesterday. Staying with my aunt Robyn for a few days and then Robyn and my cousin Emily are headed to Minneapolis for the weekend for the Women of Faith Conference. Robyn is tagging along as the Super Nanny!

Sara did seem a little disoriented after waking from her nap yesterday afternoon and realizing 'I don't think we're in Illinois any more, mom!'

Dinner was a bit of a challenge trying to feed them both in their Bumbo chairs. They kept leaning to one side, sticking their bib in their mouth. What a mess! But they both tried squash for the first time and that was a huge success! No hesitation from either of them.

Apparently the first day of a road trip is exhausting. Adam had jammies on and was asleep at 7. Sara by 7:30. A full hour earlier than usual. How did that go you ask? Fine except when Adam woke at 1:30. I nursed him for 10 minutes and he fell back asleep. Perfect. Until I laid him back in the Pack n Play and his eyes popped open and he said "Ooooohhh!" Crap! I spent the next hour plus holding him, rocking him, watching him look at things in the room, and listening to him talk to me. Finally he fell asleep at 3. Laid him back in the Pack n Play and he flailed around and his eyes popped open. I think some of it may have been that he isn't used to cramped quarters. He usually gets a full crip to turn upside down and get positioned next to Sara. So I laid him in the bed next to me and surrounded us with pillows.

Wonder what tonight will bring!

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