Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nursery clean up

I looked around at the nursery the past few days and felt like it was really cluttered--stuff on the shelves that we didn't need any more, an extra end table that we used to put the heart monitors on, and a 2nd rocking chair for when both Shannon and I would have to be in there feeding the kids. Seems a little odd to clean house a little. Those middle of the night memories seem so long ago. And was Sara ever really less than 4lb at home?! That's still crazy to me. So many people still have the impression that the cardinal rule is for the baby to hit 5lb to be released from the NICU. Here I was lifting 3lb 11oz Sara over the crib with her monitor wires that constantly got caught. Boy I don't miss those at all. Now that we are down to a changing table, a book shelf, a dad-made wardrobe closet on wheels, 1 rocking chair, and 1 crib, the room seems quite spacious! The kids are almost 7 months old and they are still sharing a crib. We'll stick with that plan until they tell me otherwise. So far they love snuggling together and don't wake each other up, even with all of Adam's rolling. It never fails - I walk in there in the morning and he is upside down with his head at her feet, all snuggled up next to her body. I realized recently that is how they were positioned in my womb for most of my pregnancy. Makes me wonder if that is why he seems to squirm until he finds that "sweet spot" again.

I hear them talking to each other in there so it must be time to get up from their nap and enjoy a little lunch!

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