Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy birthday dad

One day late as far as the blog goes but we all wished Shannon Happy Birthday yesterday. Birthday kisses all around - although mine are a little more on target than Adam and Sara's. It is so much fun to see the kids enamored by Shannon. They know his voice and love to hear him talk about his day. When they see his face, theirs lights up into a big smile. I always thought he would be a good dad but he has certainly far exceeded my imagination! Always willing to jump in and match any duty I have tackled...well except nursing, of course. Sara tried a long time ago but it just left her frustrated. And I don't think he has tried trimming fingernails yet. But easy things like laundry, snuggles, feeding them bottles, and rocking them to sleep. Harder things like waking for middle of the night feedings, getting them dressed, comforting them when they cry, cleaning spit up, and giving them a bath. Challenging things like gross poopy diapers and feeding them rice cereal. He handles them in a unique way different than me but without him, our partnership wouldn't be complete, and our kids wouldn't be thriving as much as they are.

So Adam and Sara Mak say you're awesome dad...and I think you are pretty great, too!

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