Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 1 year of life!

October 2.
6 months old.
26 weeks and 1 day.
14 weeks and 1 day according to the doctors.
1 year since their first day of life according to us.

We haven't talked about it outwardly on the blog yet, just hinted at it, but the kids are IVF babies. In-vitro fertilization. And 1 year ago was when the doctor placed Shannon's sperm inside some of my eggs and stored them in a dish. Now some may argue that isn't really life. True, it isn't a set of lungs breathing in and out or a heart pumping blood through a body. But when you get a picture of what started as just an egg and a day later it is multiplying into cells, you know something is going on. As far as we are concerned, that is life. And to know that is how the kids started, then entered this world 12 weeks early with no fat and paper-thin skin, and are smiling and developing today...well, the whole thing is humbling. What an awesome journey. We will share more on another day but for today, I just wanted to celebrate the day. And to say thanks, God, for making our long-time dream come true...x2!

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