Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crazy night

Who says twins are exactly alike?

8:00pm -- Sara heads to bed. Adam naps in the swing.
9:30pm -- Too many middle of the night feedings...I head to bed. Adam wakes up for a bottle.
10:30pm -- Adam heads to bed.
2:30am -- Adam has a middle of the night meal. Sara sleeps through.
5:30am -- Adam has early morning breakfast. Sara sleeps through.
7:15am -- Adam is chatty in his crib so Shannon gets him up to enjoy breakfast. I sleep in. Sara agrees.
8:30am -- Adam goes down for a nap. Sara? Still not up.
9:30am -- Both are starting to stir.

This was the scene at 7:15 this morning when Shannon went in. Adam was talking to her 'Sara get up and play with me!' Sara kept trying to tell him she was still sleeping. That was evident because once the wrestling match was broken up, she went right back to sleep.

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