Friday, October 23, 2009

Back from our trip and settled in

Took me a few days to get situated after returning home from being gone a week! We were all excited to be together as a family again and enjoy our own beds. The kids did great on the trip 98% of the time! They napped the whole way in the car. We stayed in a fantastic hotel. They went for their first bus ride with Aunt Robyn as they caught the free shuttle to the Mall of America. Fortunately, they were a piece of cake during shopping so everyone enjoyed their day. Of course the kids had to get a little something - cute new stocking hats and soft little toys that krinkle - a pink bunny for Sara and a yellow duck for Adam. My cousin Emily and I enjoyed some time away during the Women of Faith conference and bought our discounted tickets for next year at Milwaukee. Saturday night was a trip, literally, as we were wandering around driving and trying to decide where to eat. They wanted to find this Italian place they had eaten at before but weren't sure where it was. After more than an hour, we arrived, only to hear Emily say the GPS reported we had driven 8 miles! Figures for a van-ful of women! Sunday morning we stopped at Yum! Bakery to buy some fantastic goodies. Seriously some of the best baked goods I've had in my life. And if you know me, you know I have sampled quite my share! Monday was a quiet day back in Lake Geneva. Tuesday we got packed up after a crying fit (due to a much needed nap) and I had to unload Sara from her car seat twice because she kept pooping! We attended my cousin Sheryl's mother's visitation/funeral and then headed home. The kids were very well behaved until right in the middle of the woman pastor reading scripture in quite the monotone - Adam yawned the loudest, most dramatic yawn I've ever heard come out of him! Apparently that is what he thought. Emily and I tried to hide our laughter. What can you do when you have kids?

So what can happen in a week?

Sara is her usual, chatty self - smiles and giggles and loves interacting with you. What a messy eater she is as she has now tried squash, sweet potatoes, and peaches. She likes them all but definitely LOVES peaches and says 'Mmmm' after every bite. It is a competition with her thumb to get the spoon in her mouth. She is growing stronger with sitting up and trying to stand at times. Usually it is on her terms and when she feels like it, though. The past few days she is trying to roll and makes it half way. She has reached the next developmental step Adam's physical therapist told us to watch for - reaching for things over/above her while laying on her back.

Adam continues to be a strong little boy. He mastered rolling onto his tummy while we were gone and shows off his talent at every chance he gets. If he is wide awake, he is pleased with himself and cranes his neck up like a turtle to play. But if he is sleeping, it just makes him frustrated. He hasn't figured out yet how to get himself out of the situation he put himself in. And I haven't figured out how to position him so he doesn't roll in the middle of the night and wake himself up. This morning we were up from 3:30-5.

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