Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All about Sara

When I was rocking Adam back to sleep at 3:45 this morning (it's never good when he looks at you in the middle of the night with eyes wide open and starts talking to you..."ooohhh") I realized that a lot of the blog lately has been about Adam. Adam standing. Adam eating rice cereal. Adam's physical therapy. Adam kicking Sara in the crib. Adam not sleeping through the night. Adam rolling over.

What about Sara?

So this post will be all about Sara. It's like when I was in college and my mom thought nothing was going well. That's because I only called home when something major happened and something major usually meant something bad about my day. So with Sara, there hasn't been anything major - bad or good. Just plugging along one day at a time. But when I think about it, a lot of little things add up, too. It's just that I see the kids every day so I have to pause to celebrate when it's small steps.

First of all, I love that Sara's hair is getting longer. There was a while there that she was at that bald state and had Shannon's hairline. It's not as dark or as thick as when she was born but it's very soft and fluffy.

At this point, it appears that Sara's eyes will be staying blue. We find it interesting that we might have a boy that looks like Shannon but has my eye color and a girl that looks like me but has Shannon's eye color. And not really Shannon's color so far, either. His are more blue/green that can change color depending on his shirt. Sara's are bright blue, very vibrant when she looks at you and they sparkle. If her hair stays sandy brown like it is, that will be very unique.

Sara has been talking up a storm lately. And giggling! She loves to look at you and talk to you. Her eyes light up, her little lips curl into a big smile, she puts her hands together, and just talks and talks. Even looking in the mirror she can amuse herself for quite some time.

She finally decided a few days ago that she would like rice cereal. And not just a little - she usually takes between 11 and 14 teaspoons mixed with breast milk for dinner. Keep in mind that is after I have nursed her! Her mouth pops open like a little bird when she is ready for a bite. The trick with her is that from time to time, she wants to stop and suck her thumb. So I wipe her mouth a little so it doesn't get smeared all over and then let her suck away. When the thumb comes out, she's ready for another bite! Pretty good communicator.

We have recently seen Sara lean to sit up more rather than be slightly reclined in her high chair. She also helps when pulling to sit up and has started putting weight on her legs. Can't be a lumpling forever!

Let's see...what else is awesome about Sara? Oh yes - she is still sleeping through the night! She's usually asleep between 8-9pm and wakes between 6-7am.

That's my girl!

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