Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 month pediatrician update

The kids visited Dr. Neese today and, as always, we got a great report.

Adam -- 13lb 9oz, 25 1/4" long, 43cm head circumference
Sara -- 12lb 7oz, 24" long, 40cm head circumference

That's a 1lb 9oz/1.75" gain for Adam! No wonder he's hungry all the time. And a 15oz/1" gain for Sara. Adam's head size showed quite an increase on the curve this time so we discussed whether a head ultrasound would be necessary to see if there is anything going on. While this age would be a good timeframe to schedule one, Dr. Neese is not concerned because he had the same jump with his length and typically you look for head size growth to match height growth.

Compared to other babies his age, Adam is in the 1% for weight and 10% for length. Sara is 2% for weight and 4% for length. Gestationally corrected, Adam is in the 25% for weight and 50-75% for length. Sara is 25% for weight and 50% for length. Interesting to me that when they were born, Sara was 1" longer and now Adam is 1.25" longer.

He thinks they look 4-5 months developmentally and is very pleased with their progress.

We discussed food options and he suggested trying to switch them to oatmeal rather than rice because rice can make them constipated. This was certainly backed up by Sara great efforts ast night to poop - her face turned beat red whenever she would push and I thought she was going to pop a blood vessel! Since Adam has been on cereal for a few weeks he can start getting fruits and vegetables and maybe doing 2 meals a day instead of just 1. I talked to him about Adam being up in the middle of the night and he just said he's hungry because he's growing so much right now.

They received their 4 month shots today (3 shots in the thigh and 1 oral medication) and will go back for their 6 month shots in December. Adam cried but got over it quickly. Sara screamed and was not happy at all. More meat on her thighs doesn't help the pain! He suggested they do not need the H1N1 vaccination because of the other immunizations they are receiving. Shannon and I can consider it but we should get a flu shot for sure.

I did ask his opinion regarding keeping them inside more during winter months to protect them from illness since they were preemie. His opinion was the cold weather should not be an issue for them since they aren't newborn. But we should steer clear of some things during the cold & flu season. Church is about the worst place we can be and if there are large family gatherings for the holidays, we should just visit for a few hours rather than stay 3-4 days and definitely don't host a gathering at our house. Shannon and I will have to discuss Dr. Neese's thoughts and decide how we want to apply that to our schedule.

The kids are snoring in their car seats, still in their PJ's, and enjoying the Tylenol they already received before heading home. I snuck in lunch. Rainy day - good nap day!

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