Friday, September 4, 2009

Rice cereal for Adam?

Wednesday night I tried Adam with rice cereal before bedtime. It seems like in the evening, we can't keep him full and have been supplementing with bottles for a few weeks now. Dr. Neese suggested he may be ready for cereal - he is sitting up in a reclined position and his neck muscles are fairly strong - so I gave it a try. His first attempt he was quite the champ! His tongue spit some of it out but for the most part, he kept it in and swallowed it. No icky faces like he didn't know what was going on. No fussiness except when the spoon was empty.

Last night didn't go as well. We did evening bath time. With Shannon working at Menards in the mornings and it being so chilly, I thought we would wait until later for the help and warmth. So he got a bath, new jammies, and then sat in his high chair. I made extra since he finished it all the night before. I guess it could have been that he wasn't as hungry but he kept pushing it out of his mouth with his tongue. And he must be used to hearing me respond to a good meal at dinner time because I would put some in his mouth and he would smile and say "Mmmm"! Thank goodness for waterproof bibs...but I think we will try again in a week and see how his tongue reflex is doing.

I haven't tried with Sara yet. She has quite the strong neck but seems satisfied with just nursing or a bottle at night.

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pam said...

It is unbelievable how much the kiddos have changed! They are little people! I love their smiles, and they are sleeping through the night, pretty much! How wonderful for you and Shannon. They are just so cute. Thanks for sharing them with us!