Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off the charts

5 month pediatrician appointment today - wow time flies!

Adam - 12lb, 23 1/2" -- 2lb 6oz gain and 2" in 1 month
Sara - 11lb 8oz, 23" -- 1lb 12oz gain and 2" in 1 month

It is so crazy to me how big they are getting. Looking at their actual age on the growth chart, they are almost off the chart on the low end. But looking at their gestationally corrected age, Sara is almost off the charts on the upper end! For actual age, Adam is just getting on the chart and is in the 75th percentile for weight and 75-90 for height. Sara is in the 2nd percentile for actual age and 90th for corrected! Everyone swears Sara weighs more because of both sets of her cheeks and the extra rolls on her legs but Adam's height stretches it out.

Other than that, Dr. Neese thought they looked great. They have been sleeping 8 hours overnight - who can complain? We can test them with rice cereal and breast milk. If their tongue just pushes it out then wait 2 weeks and try again. Babies have a reflex that their tongue rejects things until they are developmentally ready to handle it.

It is really a great feeling to know that they are doing so well. As a parent, I guess the love we shower them with is helping them thrive. Adam agrees...apparently Shannon is fascinating while he is eating a salad and hamburger!

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