Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living room madness

I was just sitting down at my laptop getting ready to put in a few hours of work before the kids wake up and glanced in the living room - it just makes me laugh. Why is that? Let me tell you the current contents of our space:

1 couch
1 oversized chair
1 lazy boy recliner
1 rocker TV chair that sits on the floor
1 basket of clean clothes to fold
1 side coffee table
1 CD rack
1 entertainment system with no TV in it (moved upstairs)
1 small table with my stereo on it (moved out of the entertainment system)
1 large screen TV brought from Shannon's parents
1 Bumbo chair
2 small baby chairs that sit on the floor
1 infant swing
2 "dome" beds the kids can nap in
1 play mat
1 standing toy center the kids can lay under
1 basket of toys

*whew* Good thing we have a big house! No wonder people used to laugh at us and ask why we built the size house we did for just the two of us!

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