Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

I can't believe how quickly another year passed. This time last year we were still trying to get pregnant - what a difference a year makes! All in all it was a good day for my big 3-6...yeah, yeah women don't share their age. The kids were very well behaved, except when Sara woke up from her nap crying and crying. We couldn't figure out what was wrong - Shannon snuggled with her, rocked her, walked with her, changed her when Adam freed up my lap, I tried nursing her as a last resort. That was it! I wouldn't have guessed that since she had eaten every 2 hours for the previous 2 feedings! Doing a little growing of her own I guess.

Thanks to those of you who thought of me and sent a card, email, text, etc. If you know me, that's what I'm content with!

We capped off the evening with our friend, Dawn, picking up the kids to twinsit with another friend, Michelle. Shannon and I enjoyed an attention-free meal at Texas Roadhouse and a great flick - All About Steve. Dawn and Michelle enjoyed an evening of the Adam and Sara show! Although my woman's intuition was keenly in tune when Shannon excused himself to go to the bathroom at the restaurant and I had a sneaking suspicion that he was doing one of those birthday announcements where the staff sings to you or something dumb like that. So when he came back from the bathroom, I told him he better not have done that. He tried to distract me by changing the subject, which of course doesn't work with me. I get attention every time I go out with the twins now so I was hoping for an evening without that. He said that was a very good point and called the waitress over to cancel what they had discussed!

Last but not least, the kids slept until 6am...and so did can put a bow on that gift any day!

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Pam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GLAD YOU HAD A GOOD, QUIET MEAL (as quiet as Texas Roadhouse gets) LOL Many well wishes!