Friday, September 4, 2009

Bustin' out of jammies

I officially retired their 0-3 month sleeper pajamas last night. When they would stretch out, they couldn't straighten their legs all the way and poor Adam was sleeping with toes curled at the end. It's so funny to see them in clothes that are too big again. Really, though, I'm surprised they aren't that much too long. More in the arms and body for Adam. He must have long legs. So I think I will go through their closet today and pull out any onesies that are quite a bit shorter than the others. Brands vary in sizing so there are usually some that get too small and others are still okay.

I'm looking forward to the fall sale sponsored by the local twins club in a few weeks. It will give me a chance to pick up a couple gently used items at a great price to supplement their wardrobe. The past week or so has been a challenge with the unseasonably cool weather. Who would have thought I would be digging for long-sleeve shirts for them in August? But when it gets down to 50 and only up to 70, you gotta dress the part. I've tried wrapping Adams legs in a blanket when he's sitting in a chair to keep him toasty but he just doesn't go for it. I turn around to walk away and he already has it kicked off and on the floor. Must be like his dad - no tight blankets on his feet, gotta have room to move!

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