Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adam's bottomless stomach

Monday night it felt like an all night feeding marathon with Adam! I nursed him at 4:00. He was still hungry so we gave him 3 ounces out of a bottle at 5. Then at 7 he was doing the heavy breathing and rooting. Between 7 and 10:30, I nursed him again and he took 9 ounces from a bottle. Then he got up at 4am for another nursing! Now keep in mind that I have 2 kids to feed and not just Adam - how is a body supposed to keep up with that?!

So last night I thought I would give rice another try with Adam. I made it a little thicker and he ate all that I made. Rice at 8pm, jammies, nursed, in bed at 9:15. Slept until 8!

Sara isn't doing too bad herself. She slept from 10:30-6:30. I would say they definitely qualify for sleeping through the night. Do I wake up in a panic? Nope. I wake up feeling like it's so good to get some sleep!

I did try Sara on rice last night because she eats quite a bit in the evening, too.
First bite, "Hmmm" - curiosity.
Second bite, "I don't think I like it" - frown.
Third bite, "I don't like it, get it out of my mouth!" - screamed!

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