Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are these your first grandkids?

How old do I look, really? I mean, I know I look tired. Especially lately with getting up in the middle of the night with Adam. But something happened that I never thought in a million years would happen. I was at Pella "window shopping" with Dawn - scoping out options for her log cabin project. Sara was fussy so I got her out of her car seat and was holding her. And then it happened. The salesman, who is an older guy, turned to me and said "Are these your first grandkids?" Are you kidding me? I replied, "These are my kids!" I'm sure you can image I had some shock in my tone of voice. He's probably one of those people who makes a comment like "when are you due?" when a woman isn't pregnant. Probably best to play it safe and not say anything to avoid future embarassment!

Rice cereal for everyone

Sara finally decided last night that she wanted to try rice cereal! Instead of pushing it all out with her tongue and playing with it, she swallowed and opened her mouth for more.

After just 3 bites, she had to take a little cat nap. But then woke up and took a whopping 7 teaspoons! She turned out a little messy but not too bad. Her preference was to take a few bites, then suck her thumb to get all the good stuff off, and she would pull it out and open up for more. I am wondering if hunger has been the cause for her fussiness lately. We are getting close to the timeframe for a growth spurt. So far it has perplexed me why she has crying fits, and I mean crying that comes on quickly to the point that she has tears and is choking. That is so not like her. At least she continues to sleep all night.

A few nights ago, Adam and I had quite the go-round with the cereal. After every bite he wanted to put both hands in his mouth, along with the bib. So I have tried a new approach - holding both his arms down! It's just a matter of figuring out the best way to rest the bowl on the table, spoon with one hand, while blocking his chest with the other arm. Works much better! He must be going through a growth spurt as well. 2 nights ago during a 5-hour span in the evening I nursed him 2 different times, he took 3 teaspoons of cereal, 9 oz from a bottle...and still got up at 2am for an extra meal. Last night I nursed him 2 times, he took 11 teaspoons of cereal, and 5 oz from a bottle. At least he didn't get up at was 1:45! He has only had 2 nights in the past 8-9 days that he hasn't gotten up for an extra meal!

Can you see the cereal on his right eyelash?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adam's bedtime antics

Adam trying to break out of his crib!

Adam are you kicking your sister in the head?
NNNnnnnnoooooo!!! :)

Bubble bath

Since we had a before-bed bath the other night, I thought it would be good to break out the night time bath and lotion. Pour a capful in the little baby tub and voila - bubbles! Sara loved it! First thing she did when I placed her in was splash her hand in the bubbles and wipe it on her face, look up at me and smile. It was so cute! She just giggled and played the whole time...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adam's physical therapy results

Adam's physical therapist visited our house yesterday for a follow up appointment to evaluate his development. We were pleased to see it was the same person who conducted the initial appointment. Shannon thought it might be a good idea to even have her assess him a third time in December before he starts at Easter Seals. This would provide a comparison of a consistent assessment vs. introductory assessment by Easter Seals. We will get her opinion on that.

In a nutshell, she thought Adam looked great. If you remember, she had 2 main concerns at her last evaluation. The first was the torticollis on his right side, which means he had a significant flat spot on the side of his head. This was probably due to his reflux issues earlier on and turning his head away from the location of his stomach. Our assignment was to get him to lay on his left side instead, which was difficult at times and we had to prop a rolled receiving blanket behind him to help with that.

Fabulous news - she said the shape of his head looks great and if she didn't already know he had an issue, she wouldn't have guessed.

Her second concern was the weakness on the left side of his neck, which was partially related to the torticollis. Previously he was not able to turn his head from side to side on either his back or stomach. Our assignment was to have floor/tummy time to encourage him to turn his head to the weak side. We also let him have tummy time looking to the left to stretch those muscles and strengthen them.

Again, her evaluation revealed no further concerns.

She also tested his ability to sit up, grasp items, stand, push up while on his tummy, turn his head toward the direction of sounds, and whether his "walk" reflex was developing. In all of these areas, he was rated in the 2-3 month age - right on track. As we talked about Adam's leg strength with standing, she wants to make sure Easter Seals differentiates strength vs. tone. It isn't good if he is always stiff-legged so we should look for him to flex his legs and use them in different ways.

Our next assignment with Adam is to continue giving him time on his tummy to work on his upper body strength. And time on his back to encourage him to reach up (to midline) for toys. As adults, it is a very easy task to lay on our backs and reach up for something. But for a baby, gravity works against them and it is actually quite the challenge.

Healthy boy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

25 week weight update

Home scale last night --

Adam 12lb 12oz
Sara 12lb 8oz

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living room madness

I was just sitting down at my laptop getting ready to put in a few hours of work before the kids wake up and glanced in the living room - it just makes me laugh. Why is that? Let me tell you the current contents of our space:

1 couch
1 oversized chair
1 lazy boy recliner
1 rocker TV chair that sits on the floor
1 basket of clean clothes to fold
1 side coffee table
1 CD rack
1 entertainment system with no TV in it (moved upstairs)
1 small table with my stereo on it (moved out of the entertainment system)
1 large screen TV brought from Shannon's parents
1 Bumbo chair
2 small baby chairs that sit on the floor
1 infant swing
2 "dome" beds the kids can nap in
1 play mat
1 standing toy center the kids can lay under
1 basket of toys

*whew* Good thing we have a big house! No wonder people used to laugh at us and ask why we built the size house we did for just the two of us!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adam's bottomless stomach

Monday night it felt like an all night feeding marathon with Adam! I nursed him at 4:00. He was still hungry so we gave him 3 ounces out of a bottle at 5. Then at 7 he was doing the heavy breathing and rooting. Between 7 and 10:30, I nursed him again and he took 9 ounces from a bottle. Then he got up at 4am for another nursing! Now keep in mind that I have 2 kids to feed and not just Adam - how is a body supposed to keep up with that?!

So last night I thought I would give rice another try with Adam. I made it a little thicker and he ate all that I made. Rice at 8pm, jammies, nursed, in bed at 9:15. Slept until 8!

Sara isn't doing too bad herself. She slept from 10:30-6:30. I would say they definitely qualify for sleeping through the night. Do I wake up in a panic? Nope. I wake up feeling like it's so good to get some sleep!

I did try Sara on rice last night because she eats quite a bit in the evening, too.
First bite, "Hmmm" - curiosity.
Second bite, "I don't think I like it" - frown.
Third bite, "I don't like it, get it out of my mouth!" - screamed!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

I can't believe how quickly another year passed. This time last year we were still trying to get pregnant - what a difference a year makes! All in all it was a good day for my big 3-6...yeah, yeah women don't share their age. The kids were very well behaved, except when Sara woke up from her nap crying and crying. We couldn't figure out what was wrong - Shannon snuggled with her, rocked her, walked with her, changed her when Adam freed up my lap, I tried nursing her as a last resort. That was it! I wouldn't have guessed that since she had eaten every 2 hours for the previous 2 feedings! Doing a little growing of her own I guess.

Thanks to those of you who thought of me and sent a card, email, text, etc. If you know me, that's what I'm content with!

We capped off the evening with our friend, Dawn, picking up the kids to twinsit with another friend, Michelle. Shannon and I enjoyed an attention-free meal at Texas Roadhouse and a great flick - All About Steve. Dawn and Michelle enjoyed an evening of the Adam and Sara show! Although my woman's intuition was keenly in tune when Shannon excused himself to go to the bathroom at the restaurant and I had a sneaking suspicion that he was doing one of those birthday announcements where the staff sings to you or something dumb like that. So when he came back from the bathroom, I told him he better not have done that. He tried to distract me by changing the subject, which of course doesn't work with me. I get attention every time I go out with the twins now so I was hoping for an evening without that. He said that was a very good point and called the waitress over to cancel what they had discussed!

Last but not least, the kids slept until 6am...and so did can put a bow on that gift any day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rice cereal for Adam?

Wednesday night I tried Adam with rice cereal before bedtime. It seems like in the evening, we can't keep him full and have been supplementing with bottles for a few weeks now. Dr. Neese suggested he may be ready for cereal - he is sitting up in a reclined position and his neck muscles are fairly strong - so I gave it a try. His first attempt he was quite the champ! His tongue spit some of it out but for the most part, he kept it in and swallowed it. No icky faces like he didn't know what was going on. No fussiness except when the spoon was empty.

Last night didn't go as well. We did evening bath time. With Shannon working at Menards in the mornings and it being so chilly, I thought we would wait until later for the help and warmth. So he got a bath, new jammies, and then sat in his high chair. I made extra since he finished it all the night before. I guess it could have been that he wasn't as hungry but he kept pushing it out of his mouth with his tongue. And he must be used to hearing me respond to a good meal at dinner time because I would put some in his mouth and he would smile and say "Mmmm"! Thank goodness for waterproof bibs...but I think we will try again in a week and see how his tongue reflex is doing.

I haven't tried with Sara yet. She has quite the strong neck but seems satisfied with just nursing or a bottle at night.

Bustin' out of jammies

I officially retired their 0-3 month sleeper pajamas last night. When they would stretch out, they couldn't straighten their legs all the way and poor Adam was sleeping with toes curled at the end. It's so funny to see them in clothes that are too big again. Really, though, I'm surprised they aren't that much too long. More in the arms and body for Adam. He must have long legs. So I think I will go through their closet today and pull out any onesies that are quite a bit shorter than the others. Brands vary in sizing so there are usually some that get too small and others are still okay.

I'm looking forward to the fall sale sponsored by the local twins club in a few weeks. It will give me a chance to pick up a couple gently used items at a great price to supplement their wardrobe. The past week or so has been a challenge with the unseasonably cool weather. Who would have thought I would be digging for long-sleeve shirts for them in August? But when it gets down to 50 and only up to 70, you gotta dress the part. I've tried wrapping Adams legs in a blanket when he's sitting in a chair to keep him toasty but he just doesn't go for it. I turn around to walk away and he already has it kicked off and on the floor. Must be like his dad - no tight blankets on his feet, gotta have room to move!

Alarm needed again

I had stopped setting the alarm clock for a few reasons. First, the kids were sleeping so well through the night that I didn't want to keep getting up to check on them and interrupting my sleep. Second, my body was getting in tune to hearing their noises when they were awake and hungry. Adam would grunt as he squirmed around or cry a little. Sara would make a cute squeaking noise to say 'I dropped my paci and I can see it just out of my reach!'

Now it's a whole different ball game.

They have found their hands. I would say they found their thumb but that's pretty hit and miss. Adam does better with scoring on that one. Sara, she sucks on any finger or part of her fist she can get close. Shannon described it the other day as she had just finished eating a big plate of barbeque ribs and was licking every finger clean.

So instead of the usual noises that I was used to hearing when I woke up, now I hear lick lick lick lick...suck suck...lick lick...suck suck suck suck...lick lick lick lick...suck...lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick...suck...suck...

Now when you pair that with sometimes they do it because they are hungry and sometimes it's just to soothe themselves. It takes a new level of intuition to tell the difference by evaluating the strength of the suck and the speed, or fervor (I love that word!).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off the charts

5 month pediatrician appointment today - wow time flies!

Adam - 12lb, 23 1/2" -- 2lb 6oz gain and 2" in 1 month
Sara - 11lb 8oz, 23" -- 1lb 12oz gain and 2" in 1 month

It is so crazy to me how big they are getting. Looking at their actual age on the growth chart, they are almost off the chart on the low end. But looking at their gestationally corrected age, Sara is almost off the charts on the upper end! For actual age, Adam is just getting on the chart and is in the 75th percentile for weight and 75-90 for height. Sara is in the 2nd percentile for actual age and 90th for corrected! Everyone swears Sara weighs more because of both sets of her cheeks and the extra rolls on her legs but Adam's height stretches it out.

Other than that, Dr. Neese thought they looked great. They have been sleeping 8 hours overnight - who can complain? We can test them with rice cereal and breast milk. If their tongue just pushes it out then wait 2 weeks and try again. Babies have a reflex that their tongue rejects things until they are developmentally ready to handle it.

It is really a great feeling to know that they are doing so well. As a parent, I guess the love we shower them with is helping them thrive. Adam agrees...apparently Shannon is fascinating while he is eating a salad and hamburger!