Monday, August 17, 2009

Weight update

We used our home scale from Grandma Mollenhauer to check the kids' weight for bath day on Saturday. Apparently Adam eating everything in site and getting extra bottles lately has paid off. He decided his sister shouldn't weigh more! So at 19 weeks they are now...

Adam 10lb 10oz
Sara 10lb 4oz

Adam still looks so skinny compared to Sara. Must be that extra inch or so in length.

The past few days Sara has been sitting in her chair and really sqwawking at little toys hanging in front of her. It's quite comical! We'll have to post the video feed. And then last night, I went to bed and I heard the same noise and assumed it was Sara again. Shannon called to me from the living room - that's Adam!

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Joe said...

Okay, I just was killing some time and clicked on your name from the comments section of our blog and came here...


You have such a great sense of humor about everything and I like your writing style. I'll definitely check back again soon.

Joe (from Three Cheers for Babies)

PS: Your kids are absolutely beautiful!