Friday, August 21, 2009

Spontaneous Thursday

Shannon found out on Wednesday that he had a 2nd interview scheduled for Thursday and needed to travel to Davenport to meet the person. During that time, I had a NICU meeting I wanted to attend, so we were thinking of who could babysit the kids. We thought we would be creative and ask Grandma and Grandpa Mollenhauer if they wanted to watch the kids in Davenport for a few hours. Of course they jumped on the offer - who would turn down seeing grandbabies! But then they decided that since it would be raining in their neck of the woods, they might as well drive the whole way and spend the day with the kids. Now that Grandpa George is retired, they can be flexible and spontaneous like that. (Well, he's retired from a paying job with set he just gets to work on what he wants around the house!)

Shannon's interview went well. Hopefully the process will go faster than it has since his 1st interview with the company was 2 months ago. Even better that he was able to bring home Whitey's milk shakes! My meeting got moved to today so I was able to get a few things done around the house instead. The kids enjoyed bath time with Grandma Sue, and I bet Grandma enjoyed it even more! Grandpa George installed our new under the counter toaster oven and helped Shannon make a little more progress on the deck. Feels good to get some more things accomplished.

They couldn't believe how much the kids have changed in just 2 weeks.

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