Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sleep, Part B

I already wrote about Sunday night being hard. Monday night wasn't much better. I passed out from 10:45-11:30, 1-3, and 4:30-7. That's why it really doesn't surprise me that I almost fell asleep while driving to my hair appointment the other day. I know, I'm sure a lot of you parents reading this are saying yep, get used to it...been there done that. I realize I'm not experiencing anything other moms haven't already, just voicing where I'm at right now.

I analyzed what might be different the past few nights compared to those 4 really good nights we had last week when I thought just maybe we had a pattern going. All 4 of those nights, they were awake right before bed and playing with toys, they had a "snack" about 8 or 9, got into PJs, and then Shannon fed them bottles between 10:30 and 11:30. So we gave it a try. They slept in their high chairs during dinner. Then we got them out and had stimulation time with some toys. Sara had a great time laying in the dome just staring at these rainbow colored stuffed toys and sqwaking. Adam hung with Shannon and practiced sitting up and standing on his legs. He is getting so strong. Sure enough, about 8:30 he was hungry. 9:30 PJs went on and we started bottles. I was hoping to go to bed while Shannon fed them both since he had gotten a nap that afternoon but Adam was too hungry. So we had family time in the nursery. It was worth it because they both ate well, then went right to sleep, and we were both in bed before 11. I didn't get out of bed or wake up once until 3:30 - praise God! I nursed them at 4:15 and they went right back to bed. Let's see if we can do that again!

They were having some terrible gas pains after breakfast, especially Adam, but it was probably from that broccoli I had with dinner. Oops! We had a little snuggle time under a blanket in the recliner hoping the warmth of our bodies would break it up and help it pass easier. Must have helped because he is out like a light right now.

And how is my refraining from dairy helping Sara? I think it has eased her comfort quite a bit and we even gave her half the doses of mylicon yesterday. Now I just need to find a balance to maybe get just a little dairy in during the day - I really miss it! Did I mention I'm not eating ice cream? Just when Shannon had bought my new favorite mint cookies & cream!

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