Monday, August 10, 2009

Right on schedule

I know, I can't hardly believe I said the "S" word. The twins are 18 1/2 weeks and we may be stumbling on a pattern, or as much of a pattern as you can have with tots that small. My last blog revealed a better night's sleep last Tuesday, stretching from 11-3:30. Wednesday-Friday they stepped it up a little to 11-4. Saturday night was 11-5. And last night was 10-4. I couldn't be more excited to get 6 consecutive hours of sleep. The evening seems to be the time they are most awake, as well as most hungry. Especially Adam. Over the weekend I fed him at 6pm, then 8:30. He was still hungry so we gave him a bottle at 9:30 and he drank another 4-5 ounces...and then woke up at 12:30 for another snack! I feel a growth spurt coming on!

In other news, the kids made their second trip to Iowa this past weekend for a family wedding. We were thrilled they slept through the wedding and didn't interrupt Candice's big day. And we ventured to the reception for a bit to visit with Great Aunt Marlene and meet a few other new people. Shannon gathered stats on the other babies in attendance and got a chuckle when he learned the baby that was much bigger than the kids was 1 1/2 months younger and 5 lbs heavier!

We are starting to get Grandma and Grandpa Mollenhauer's house stocked with some essential items so we don't have to pack as much when we come. It's nice to get assistance with keeping the kids occupied and of course they don't mind giving the kids lots of squeezes. Sara loved her snuggle time with Grandpa George and probably would have snoozed right through a feeding if we would have let her. And Adam was quite content rocking with Grandma Sue.

My mom had spent the weekend with Ivy so we didn't have to board her and she loved the extra attention. Unfortunately she is acting out a little and showing her jealous streaks. So the kids got to see all the grandparents in one weekend - you won't hear any complaints from them!

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