Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Help your kids find a good mate!"

Don't you think that is about the strangest advice you would hear coming out of someone's mouth upon seeing twins?

We were out running errands yesterday and, of course, attracting a lot of attention. While at Sam's Club, we came across an older couple. The wife, in her British accent, piped up and asked if the kids were twins. When we affirmed her guess, she pointed to her husband and responded, "My husband's a twin!" He leaned in and said, "Help your kids find a good mate! My brother's wife killed him at 50 and I'm 72. Of course, if I would have lived with her she would have killed me, too. He should have put her back on the boat!"

We just laughed. If you can say it was a laugh. Kind of that nervous response like 'did I just hear you correctly? How exactly did she kill him?'

I would have to say it was the strangest encounter we have had so far!

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