Monday, August 31, 2009

Car seat adjustment

Yesterday when I put Sara in her car seat to go to church, I noticed the shoulder straps were coming out of the seat at about armpit level. I was shocked! When did she do all that growing? At this age, they should be shoulder height or just below. So in the afternoon Shannon took it apart and raised them up a notch. Of course since Adam is taller, we had adjustments to make to his seat as well. When you see them every day, it's hard to notice those gradual size changes.

I was just thinking this morning that it's so nice to do a quick morning feeding and put them back to bed without having to put them in a chair or hold them for 30 min so they can digest. I think some of that is my huge decrease to dairy but it is also their stomachs getting better at digestion. Sara continues to burp so loud at times that you can feel it in your chest and her eyes pop open in surprise! We also celebrate that you don't have to hold Adam perfectly still after a meal because his reflux is such an issue. He still spits up at times but that is usually because he is fighting you, wanting to stand, and that works his tummy up a bit. He has been working on standing for a month now and is getting less wobbly. You should see him - he always look so proud of himself! Sara, you ask? I believe the Michelin rolls are slowing her down. She has the stronger upper body. We try to challenge each of them in their own way...but it is really nice to see how strong Adam is. We plan on taking him to all of his Easter Seals appointments through the age of 3 but so far we think he is going to amaze us...'brain bleed? Mom, no big deal!'

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