Friday, August 28, 2009

Anonymous donor

I was at work Wednesday for my monthly financial meeting and the girls in the department convinced me to stay and go to lunch to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. While we were at Olive Garden, we noticed multiple missed calls from the office so we checked in to see what was going on. They said the messages were actually that they were trying to reach me to say that I needed to stop back by the office before going home. Someone had left a package for me and they really wanted me to get it. I was hesitant because I had been gone a while and wanted to get home to stay on the twins' feeding schedule. I thought maybe it was a gift for the kids and I could pick it up when I was in the office next week. They called back again to say it was very urgent that I stop in and the gift was for Shannon and I.

When I pulled up in the parking lot, one of our Customer Service girls walked an envelope out to me. It was just a plain white mailing envelope that was addressed to Shannon and I. The return address was also our home address. She told me an anonymous person dropped it off and told them not to give any details. It turned out to be an envelope of cash! I was shocked. First of all, I'm not sure how someone knew I would be at work on that day or at that time. I had just confirmed that meeting the day before. I didn't recognize the handwriting. Maybe it was actually someone from work. I don't know. $255 is what was inside. That seemed like such an odd amount. I kept it in the back of my mind wondering if God had a reason for giving me something so specific. And yesterday I sat down to update my finances for the month. $255 is the exact amount of our food and housewares budget that I typically take out of the ATM for the first paycheck of the month!

I'm not going to ask questions to try to find out who the person is. If they wanted me to know, they would have told me. It must have been someone who knows of our situation - that Shannon has been unemployed since January, I am now working part-time, and we are raising twins. But if the person happens to be checking in and reading this, thank you for blessing us with free groceries for 2 weeks!

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:) That's so awesome!