Sunday, August 2, 2009

4 month dr apptmt

Well, close enough to call it 4 months. August 2 will be 4 months. 17 weeks. 5 weeks gestationally corrected. So many numbers to keep track of! Speaking of numbers, our pediatrician appointment a few days ago revealed a new milestone - Sara has surpassed Adam in weight!

Adam - 9lb 10oz, 21 1/2" - A 10oz, 1/2" gain over 16 days
Sara - 9lb 12oz, 21" - A 1lb 3oz, 1" gain

So while Adam was in the 0.7% range for his birth age at the last visit, he has now dropped to 0.04%! And Sara was 0.24% last time and she has jumped to 0.71%. It is typical for girls to grow faster than boys in the earlier stages of life. To look at their weight on a preemie growth chart for their gestationally corrected age, they fall in the 50th percentile.

Dr. Neese thinks they look fabulous. As a reward, we get a month free from doctor appointments! No issues really. He was fine that we took Adam off his monitor. As far as Sara's gas processing, just keep working on it. I have read that sometimes eating dairy products can cause excess gas in babies when you are nursing so I am trying an experiment to cut out all dairy. Dr. Neese informed me that it will take 4 days for me to get it out of my system so after Wednesday, I'll let you know if it seems to help. It will be worth it if she gets some relief and it will help the parents who have to get up in the middle of the night to ease her discomfort. Hard, though, cuz I love dairy...cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese, did I mention ice cream?

I asked what the next steps are with feeding them. He was impressed that they are nursing so much, sleeping so well, and taking 5-6 ounces when they do have a bottle. Some say to start cereal when they are 4-6 months. Others use a 15 pound mark as an indicator. He said to watch for signs that their neck muscles are developed more. When they can hold their head up with greater control, it is also a sign that the muscles inside to process foods are developed as well.

We also decided it was time to give them their 2 month shots. He thought about waiting until they were gestationally 2 months but he wants to make sure they get enough shots in before winter to get them good and protected. So they received an oral dose, 2 shots in the left thigh, and 1 in the right. I was surprised how well they did. No crankiness. A little more sleepy but they still maintained their regular feedings schedule of about every 4 hours.

We talked about how they are holding their head up more, smiling & interacting, making baby noises, and Adam is putting quite a bit of weight on his legs. His response? That's not 5 weeks! How awesome. That means they developmentally fall somewhere between their actual age and their corrected age. That is so good to hear, especially with Adam. I was holding him in the middle of the night as he was wearing his "Mommy's Little Prince" PJs. I had my hand on his head, rubbing it like I often do, and wondering what is going on inside that head. Are you developing okay? Is your brain going to work around any damage? I wish I could see inside.

As for Sara, my biggest concern with her is that her hairline is starting to look like Shannon's! All the dark beautiful hair she was born with is quickly falling out, and not growing in at the same rate. But it's still a little thicker above the ears and around the back of the head, which almost makes her look bald. Adam's hasn't really fallen out except his bald spot and it is getting noticeably long on top!

Sara was in her dome last night looking at the toys velcroed to the side, reaching for them and giggling. It's so much fun to start hearing them make noises!

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