Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend news

Let's see...aunt Robyn was visiting for the weekend and she gave Adam a bath Saturday morning. For the first time we heard not a peep out of him. I didn't actually witness the event because I was feeding Sara in the nursery. I told Rob that if there weren't witnesses it didn't actually happen so she carried him in the room wet and wrapped in a towel to offer proof! Yesterday we had a repeat performance. Yeah!

Saturday, 8:15pm. I had put Sara just slightly on her side and when I came in 5 minutes later, she had rolled to her tummy trying to wiggle and get closer to Adam.

Adam is loving using his legs. He has started putting weight on them as you hold him and kicking. To those that may hold him, hang on! He can push with enough weight to about launch himself over your shoulder! I see a bouncy seat in his future! Speaking of new equipment, he tried out a used swing that our friends, the Durrs, donated a few years ago. He loves it! We even hung a few things for him to look at. Of course, he chooses to look the other way and stare at the movement of the bar...

Back to Sara - she is trying out smiling interactively instead of just when she's having gas. How fun is that?

And Adam is feeling better. Less cranky and back up to eating full feeds. Saturday and Sunday he even ate every 2 or 3 hours before bedtime and then slept for 6 1/2! Well, until last night. He sounded fussy so I got up to check on him. He started choking so I turned him over to pat him on his back and he threw up. Not spit up. Threw up. And it had what appeared to either be bile or dried blood mixed in. Of course it freaked him out...and me, too. He ate about 2 ounces an hour later and then spit it all up. He's been pretty out of it since then so we are monitoring things. They had a big day of shopping yesterday so I'm not sure if he was just worn out.

As far as the Dad, still no news on the job front. He had an interview 3 weeks ago that they indicated they wanted him back for a 2nd at the end of their time. After checking in with them Friday, they haven't done any more 1st interviews yet to focus on another urgent hiring. Frustrating. He is applying for some part-time options in the mean time. And he is still partnering with me in taking care of the twins, working on the deck which looks fabulous, and spreading a new layer of mulch around the plantings.

As far as the Mama - milestone of change...I tried sour cream on my baked potato over the weekend. Not too bad. Go figure!

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