Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parties are great but...

As mentioned earlier, we ventured to Iowa for the weekend. The plan all along was to have a post-birth baby shower with Shannon's relatives. Because we don't see his extended family very often, we thought they would prefer a shower and see the kids at the same time. With them coming so early, it was all just a bit delayed. My mom came down to babysit our dog Ivy and work on finishing the stain on our master bedroom doors.

Of course Grandma Sue and Grandpa George were very excited to have the babies stay at their house for the first time. They had a pack n play all set up, a changing table that they had finished painting, and diapers and other supplies. It was nice not having to pack as much for the trip. I think next time I would throw in our Papazon chair so when they are done eating, they have something they can sit upright in to digest. But in the meantime, Grandma and Grandpa loved the opportunity to hold them and give them a squeeze!

The shower was Saturday afternoon. I had them dressed in their new coordinating Pooh overall outfits that cousin Ann had bought for them. Sara decided to sleep the entire time and Adam was awake. Everyone was so excited to see them and celebrate how well they were doing. They were amazed at how Sara could sleep through all the commotion. And when she finally opened her eyes 10 min before everyone left, they all rushed over to take pictures like they were the paparazzi! We got lots of great presents and clothes to grow into. It was nice to get another reminder as to how many people follow their progress that we are unaware of.

We left Sunday early afternoon and knew we wouldn't make it all the way home without having to stop to eat. So we pulled into the Iowa 80 truck stop and took turns going in for food. I went in, went to the bathroom, and ordered my selections from Wendy's to eat in the car in the parking lot. Then Shannon took Sara in to change her diaper (a 4-wipe, Crayola green episode!) and get his food. I got done eating and Adam couldn't wait any longer to eat. So I nursed him in the front seat of the car in the parking lot and covered him with a yellow Wendy's napkin! Shannon had the diaper bag with him so I didn't have anything else to cover up with.

So while parties are great, the recovery is awful! Adam slept in 15 minute intervals overnight on Sunday. Shannon took the shift from 11-3:30am and I took from then until 8:30. I got tired of getting in and out of bed so instead dozed off and and on in the recliner in the nursery. We both agreed it was pretty brutal.

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