Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monitor results

Just a quick update - we got Adam's apnea monitor results from the past 2 weeks. He only had 1 apnea episode of not breathing and no other bradycardia issues or other items of concern. Needless to say, we are happy that we didn't move forward with the caffeine. His reflux has definitely seemed better this week. No red face after eating and writhing and wiggling. So either the extra rice has helped or he is growing out of that stage somewhat. We are to return for another download in 2 weeks and will probably have Sara's done at the same time to see if she can kick the bucket. In the meantime, I'll use that time to start nursing Adam again a few times a day to see if it causes any reflux issues.

He also had a follow up appointment with his cardiologist today, Dr. Hassleman, to check on his SVT (rapid heart rate). Since being taken off the digoxin in the NICU he has not had any other episodes. The doctor thought he looked good. We need to listen to his heart from time to time with a stethoscope and count how fast he is breathing. If the SVT returns, he would show no symptoms. When we turn in the apnea monitor, we will call the cardiologist back and have him put on a heart monitor belt for 24 hours just as a final analysis to check for any strange heart rhythms.

And the doctor weighed him in at 8lbs! 21 inches long. A growth of 6 inches and 5lb 4oz since birth.

Happy 3 month birthday, kids!

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