Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't call DCFS...

I forgot one tidbit about our 4th of July weekend trip and Shannon was hesitant to post it on the internet for fear of being labeled as a bad parent and having the kids taken away! :)

We have this really awesome stroller that my aunt Robyn bought for us. For those of you who may have multiples or know someone who does, check out It's basically a metal frame that is collapsible and has awesome neumatic tires like a bicycle. Then your car seat gets removed from the car and snaps right onto the stroller. Very easy to push and not as big as other twin strollers. We really couldn't live without it. Anyway, my cousin Emily, Robyn's daughter, has twin girls that are 3. She shared the story of how one of the girls wasn't locked in once at a county fair and she tumbled off onto the grass. We had a good laugh and I tucked that away to make sure the same thing didn't happen to me. Well...

There we were at Target in Lake Geneva. I loaded the babies in the stroller - Adam on top and Sara in the bottom this time, which in retrospect was probably good. I guess I didn't check very well to see if the car seats were locked to the frame. You can see where this is leading. My mom was pushing them through the parking lot and hit that bump for the metal grate going into the store and off Sara toppled. Car seat on the ground laying on its side in the foyer of Target. People walking by, which I didn't notice because I was scrambling to check on my baby! Emily looked back to see Sara's eyes pop wide open in surprise and then shut again to go back to sleep as she laid tipped on her side. Not even a peep out of her. Guess those 5 point harnesses really work on those car seats! I picked her back up and snapped her on and took a calming moment, mostly for me apparently, and the incident was behind us.

All I know is that when she wants to go on roller coaster rides when she's older, Shannon will be riding with her and I will be taking pictures!

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