Friday, July 17, 2009

Adam's CBC

Dr. McCarthy ordered a CBC (complete blood count) at Adam's appointment the other day. Shannon took him to Proctor Hospital that day to get it drawn and then I picked up the results in the afternoon. The print out reflected that his Hematocrit was low, Hemoglobin was borderline, and platelets were high. The nurse called and said Dr. M wanted to start him on Polyvisol with iron. I told her he already gets that vitamin added to his bottle every day. Oh. She had to check back with the doctor.

The next phone call she told me they would just retest his blood in 6-8 weeks. Excuse me? Did you say weeks? So Dr. McCarthy isn't concerned that his Hematocrit was low? No. And she's not concerned that his eating is 1/2 volume and he just isn't himself? No. Okay, then.

I got off the phone with them and called the NICU to see if I could talk to one of the nurse practitioners on duty to get a second opinion. She pulled up Adam's record and compared the lab results with his levels when he was discharged. It really wasn't much different so she agreed that she didn't think he was anemic. She asked how much he was eating, going to the bathroom, whether the doctor looked in his ears...She concluded that she didn't think there was anything major and just keep an eye on him. And ended the call by saying 'call anytime, we're always open!' How awesome!

Yesterday seemed to be better. He had some feedings that were 4 ounces like he normally takes. Still seems pretty tired and sleepy. And this morning he spit up quite a bit. We'll just keep watching him at this point.

As a side note, I decided yesterday to retire the "N" diapers. I was trying to get through the last package but I got tired of really working to get them hiked up high enough to not have accidents. And Sara pees so much after nursing that the diaper couldn't hold it all. But moving to the next size is almost like starting all over again - folding them over in the back and down in the front! I remember when they were on the preemie diapers and they were huge! There was even a time when Adam was on the next size smaller than that. Growth is a beautiful thing!

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