Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adam says "I'm wireless too!"

Well, we finally took the plunge and unplugged Adam completely. We weren't quite ready at his last pediatrician appointment. The plan was to wait the 2 weeks until his next appointment this Friday and then go a few days longer to see how he did with his 2 month shots. But we were comfortable with leaving him unhooked for longer periods during the day. So we would leave his belt on and just plug him in for naps and to sleep at night. One of the days my Aunt Robyn visited we had given them a bath in the morning and then decided to go shopping. Of course we had taken his belt off for the bath and I decided to leave it off as we would be in and out of the car to watch him. And then we made a trip to Iowa this weekend and left it off for the car ride but hooked him back up just to sleep at night.

Shannon and I talked off and on about our comfort level and when we thought it was time. It's not so much his apnea that has me nervous right now but his times of having a high heart rate. The last time he set the monitor off was when Robyn was here and he didn't even seem that upset - not red or screaming - but there was that unique set of beeps to indicate he was tachycardic. I can check with Dr. Neese and Dr. Hasselman (his cardiologist) about it. Now that he is off his apnea monitor, we will have him on a heart monitor for 24 hours at some point to look for any abnormalities. So for those of you who have been visiting and make a comment that it's okay to cry because it's good for their lungs (or something along those lines) I apologize if you have been offended that I am not in total agreement. Now I don't run to him every time he cries and freak out. I'm just saying I'm not comfortable pushing it when I don't have to.

So we got back from Iowa Sunday night and Adam was konked out and ready for bed. I told Shannon we didn't have his monitor on and we would have to undress him to put on PJs and get his belt on. We just kind of looked at each other, laid him in his crib, and walked out of the room to get ready for bed ourselves.

So there you have it - 116 days of life and Adam is a free man!

And we get to experience life a little closer to normal. Well, normal with twins I suppose.

It feels good to have wireless kids!

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