Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July road trip

We packed up the kids for our first real road trip to my (JoLynn) aunt Robyn's house in Lake Geneva. Seemed like good timing since cousin Beth's 3rd daughter, Clara, was having her first birthday party.

Shocking some of our friends and family, we actually left home at 7:30am Friday morning. I had plans to leave an hour earlier so we could drop Ivy off at the Pet Palace right when they opened. But you know how it goes with kids...why Shannon and I were still packing at midnight the night before when we had all day is puzzling to me. Then I set the alarm for 2:15 for the next feeding. I have had a lot of questions as to why I set an alarm - just get up when they cry that they are hungry. First, we both pretty much black out (see previous post regarding the missed feeding) and wouldn't wake up to a crying baby. Second, it's usually Sara who wakes first and her "cry" is usually a few little grunts. Anyway, they decided to sleep extra long. At least I got caught up washing bottles at 3:00am while Shannon napped in the LazyBoy in the living room. They finally ate and I went back to bed at 4 to get up at 5:30 to pump, shower, load the kids, make Shannon a breakfast sandwich for the road.

We stopped in Mendota at a restaurant to eat a little more breakfast and feed the kids a bottle. Quite the discussion in the ladies room as I left from changing one baby and arrived with another, facing all the same typical questions...what's their name, when were they born, how old are they now, how much do they weigh, how much did they weigh when they were born. I had no idea the attention that would come! Shannon and I have joked that we would like to laminate a sign to put on their car seats that answers the top 5 most asked questions. Those answers that will vary - current weight and age - we will write in with a grease pencil!

It sure felt like a long car ride with all the road construction and traffic but we made it in one piece. My cousin Emily's girls came running to see us - Jordyn (5) and Peyton and Morgan (3). The accommodations worked out great. My aunt had set up a pack and play for the kids to sleep in our bedroom and have a little shelf to store diaper changing needs. The only downfall was in the middle of the night when Shannon forgot a baby was on the bed getting a diaper changed and he would roll over! Robyn also bought a little "dome" at a garage sale that came in really handy. It's this little padded pod thing that they can sleep in and if you need to, a canopy pulls over and zips shut to keep various pests out. Adam and Sara spent a lot of time in it and loved it. Great buy!

There was another baby at the party who was born 2 weeks before Adam & Sara. Everyone was amazed at the size difference. They are just now getting to a newborn size even though they are 3 months old.

The weekend went well and the kids looked great in their 4th of July outfits. My mom had made the trip as well so it sure was nice to have a few days of extra hands with holding and changing and providing interaction. They are both becoming more alert and having periods that they are awake for a while so we are learning what they like for amusement and stimulation.

That's it for now. Just getting settled back in at home. Adam has his developmental appointments tomorrow with a physical therapist and occupational therapist. They will assess if he seems behind due to his brain bleed. I'm anxious to hear what they have to say. And Thursday he has another follow up eye appointment that I am hoping will be his last one. G&G Mollenhauer are visiting Friday/Saturday to help hold babies. Maybe Shannon and his dad will finish our deck that has been a work in progress! We continue to wait for news on the job front for Shannon. A current prospect seems intriguing since they decided by the end of the first interview that they wanted him back for a second. Keep us in your prayers as I am now officially working part-time.

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