Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 weeks (or +3)

Well, 1 day shy of 15 weeks anyway. The kids had another weight check at the pediatrician this morning. PS - thanks Sue for helping out!

6/26/09 -
Adam----7lb 6oz, 20 1/2"
Sara----6lb 15oz, 20"

7/15/09 -
Adam----9lb, 21"
Sara----8lb 9oz, 20"

So while Sara was 1" longer at birth, Adam has now surpassed her the other way. And her slower growth is evident in her bigger cheeks! Know what is really comical? According to a "super-preemie" growth chart, the kids are progressing nicely and fall in the 40-50% range compared to other kids at their gestation. But if you compare them to full-term babies born at the same time...Sara is in the .23% range and Adam .7%! That just cracks me up!

Dr. McCarthy felt they are both progressing very nicely. As far as Sara's gas pains? More Milacon. Milacon is our friend. If the label says they can get it 12 times a day, then go for it. And Adam's eating issues the past few days? She ordered a CBC (complete blood count) to just make sure no illnesses are brewing. She was pretty shocked that they are already taking 4oz in a feeding.

And the most exciting news? Yes, on day 104 of life, Sara is officially wireless. I now have the luxury with one of my babies to carry them anywhere in the house completely untethered. The lab was prepared to recommend that Adam could be transitioned as well, but they aren't familiar with his history like we are so I decided to wait just a bit longer. We will go back in 2 weeks for essentially a 4 month check up and they will get their 2 month immunizations. A few days later we will get Adam's monitor downloaded and then if all is well, he will get unplugged then. The doctor's logic behind that is if he has any adverse affects from the immunizations, the montior will register that.

I will pick up the results from the CBC this afternoon.

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