Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Holy cow they are growing like weeds! No wonder I have had to retire some of their preemie clothes already! A visit with Dr. Neese yesterday revealed new milestones...

Adam Joseph - 6lb 6oz, 19 1/4"
Sara Makenzie - 6lb 4oz, 19 1/4"

That was a 10oz and 3/4" gain for Adam in 6 days and an 8oz and 3/4" gain for Sara. It is so nice to see them looking healthy with round cheeks and thicker legs.

We have been settling into our new life of "managed chaos". I am nursing more often as they get the hang of it more. Nothing says true multi-tasking than the times I nurse them both at the same time! My aunt Robyn visited last week and brought her 3 year-old twin granddaughters, Peyton and Morgan. Quite the busyness in the house but all worked out well as Robyn helped with house tasks, making dinner, and baby duties, while still keeping track of the mobile twins. Peyton and Morgan are just fascinated with the babies and always wanted to look at them or hold them or see why they were making noise. They were 6 weeks premature themselves but you certainly wouldn't know by looking at them anymore. We ventured out one day for a nice jaunt in the stroller. And then the real fun came when we all went shopping and out to lunch. I will have to get used to the attention they draw - lots of comments and finger pointing. Most of the time I ignored it and just tried to remain focused on my company and finishing my meal.

Saturday night brought our first outing to church. We arrived late and sat in the lobby to watch the service on video monitors. Thankfully, there wasn't a large crowd but I am still amazed at the attention they get. One person asked if they were just born yesterday! We have to keep it in perspective that we have been around them for almost 11 weeks so to us they seem BIG but to others, they are tiny and still the size of a newborn or smaller.

My mom is coming tomorrow as the next shift of assistance. I am now officially working part-time, the majority from home. Shannon is hoping to finalize an employment direction this week. Once he settles into that, summer help will be nice as I establish a routine of caring for them by myself for the majority of the day.

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