Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Starbucks for Adam

It's official - don't caffeinate. For now anyway. Dr. Neese liked my approach of seeing of Adam's apnea is due to reflux. If he would be started on caffeine and that wasn't the issue, it would cause his reflux to be worse and therefore, his apnea to be worse. Caffeine would cause the stomach muscles to contract more. So we are to continue on the path of feeding him 3t of rice with his bottles and hold off on breastfeeding for now. However, downloading the monitor again after just a few days won't give enough information for comparison purposes. He would prefer 2 weeks. So we will probably get it done prior to the July 4th weekend so we can get results before the holiday. And Zantac or something similar would not be the next step because that is simply an acid reducer rather than something that stops reflux. We could consider it if his reflux was caused by acid but it's not. He received it when he was in the NICU just after his stomach was irritated by the vaccuum that suctioned out his stomach contents so it made more sense at that time.

I know Dr. McCarthy is very competent but I'm sure as the on-call doctor she was just going by what would most likely be a typical cause rather than knowing his history. Another time that it was helpful to push and ask questions to make sure of a direction because we know our kids best.

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