Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Dear Dad:

What can we say? We haven't known you long but it sure feels like a lifetime! That noisy place inside the little box was scary sometimes but we always felt safe when you were there. You kept us warm when we laid on your chest. You talked to us all the time. And sometimes you and a friend even prayed for us really early in the morning - it made us feel a lot stronger. We sure are glad that we are home now and can spend time with you all day instead of just a couple bottles a day. I know you were supposed to be working but we're happy that you weren't. Mama said it helped her a lot. We look forward to our daddy breakfasts that we get with you. So far we think you're the greatest!

Obviously there is a limit as to what we can get you for your special day but we thought it wouldn't be right if we didn't each get you a gift. Since I have the spunkier personality, it seemed to fit that I get you a new motorcycle! Shiny red - your favorite color! You have done so much for me, I think it was appropriate. I know you are worried about money right now but it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up! Thanks for dancing with me in the nursery the other night - I bet we'll have a lot of lessons.

And I decided to be more practical with my gift and give you one of my favorite things! Sleep! Sister kept trying to wake up but I told her to go back to sleep and stop ruining my gift. I hope you enjoyed the first 8 hour stretch you have had since sister came home! I can't wait for you to teach me more about those cool things in the garage that make loud noises.

We love you dad!

Adam Mo & Sara Mak

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