Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The big 4-0!

I can't believe time has gotten away from me and I haven't told you yet that the twins turned 40 last Thursday! 40 weeks, that is. Or Sara prefers 0 (zero) - you know how women are...who wants to be 40? The doctors have been tracking them by their gestationally corrected timeframe and up until now they have been a negative. So officially as of June 24 they were supposed to be born and are now considered fully gestated.

They went 11 days between pediatrician appointments and measured last Friday at:
Adam - 7lb 6oz, 20 1/2"...a gain of a pound and 1 1/4"
Sara - 6lb 15oz, 20"...a gain of 11oz and 3/4"

Holy cow! They are looking like healthy, newborn babies and have officially outgrown their preemie clothes. Never to return, no going back!

Basically we are to keep doing what we are doing and go back in 2 weeks to check their weight again. They are eating every 4 hours during the day now and 5 during the night. And they are having more awake time for studying things. Of course yesterday Sara was awake in the morning and Adam in the afternoon so there are advantages and disadvantages to not having them synchronized.

We will have Adam's monitor downloaded again tomorrow morning and ask for ASAP results to check his apneas. If needed, we'd like to start his caffeine before the holiday weekend. Honestly, I don't think he needs it. And I think he is outgrowing his reflux. We haven't seen him twist and turn his belly and get red in the face because he is going to spit up in a few days now. So if his monitor is clear, we will start backing off the rice and see how it goes. He visits the cardiologist Thursday to make sure there are no lingering issues from his SVT (rapid heart rate) in the hospital.

As far as Sara, while I was concerned she had gone 12 days between stools, the doctor didn't think it was an issue. Since I am nursing her almost every time, she is getting more straight breast milk and it doesn't have anything in it that the body needs to expel. We wish it was a little more frequent so maybe it would help with her gas. I don't know how many times a day I say 'Oh, Sara..." She will skip the monitor download appointment and have her own around July 20. Her last report indicated she had 162 alarms since she had been home...and all 162 were false! Before switching her to the "belt" the lead pads would shift, fall off, and not pick up her breathing very well when she was sleeping sound. If her next report is as boring, we will turn in the monitor and she can be wire-free! Certainly a day to celebrate!

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