Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are you a follower?

I have to tell you about this experience I had - it's been on my mind every day since it happened 1 1/2 weeks ago. It was the day that we took the kids to church for the first time. We came late to avoid large amounts of people and just sat in the lobby. When it was over, we moved to a corner to let the crowd thin and say hi to a few people. Unfortunately, the corner we picked was in direct line for parents heading to pick up their children. Or maybe fortunately. Twins draw attention, especially when they are in a cool double decker stroller. But in the middle of the attention came a woman holding her own baby carrier. She approached us very excited and had tears in her eyes. I still remember her voice - "Is this them? Are these the twins we've been praying for?" Her husband turned around and came back when he heard her. He was crying, too, as he asked for confirmation - "Are these the twins?" We told them they were.

Shannon and I just stood there looking at them, starting to cry ourselves. It was so moving. And I'll tell you why. We have absolutely no idea who those people were. We still don't know their names. Or how they are connected to the information in any way. But they knew our kids, had been praying for them, and were blessed to meet the fruit of their efforts.

Obviously we know some of the folks who follow our blog, homepage updates, or pictures depicting our journey since April 2. But I'm wondering if we could know more. We certainly don't want to exploit you in any way. It's just that I want to be able to tell the kids about you when they are older...when we talk about them being born 12 weeks early and the awesome story of how a little girl went home before she was supposed to know how to drink a bottle and a little boy had every digestive test possible and all came up a big fat negative. I am confident it was the ear-deafening, concert volume chorus of voices that prayed my kids into the doctors saying over and over again - 'They're Superstars!'

If I had a chance to get all of you together for a party, I would cook you the most fabulous desserts and stand in front of you to say absolutely nothing. I have no words. Hopefully you would just know.

So if you follow our journey in any way, will you shoot us an email and let us know? Just send it to mofamily, then hit the @ symbol and finish with Put "I do" in the subject line and we'll know it's you. Maybe give us a name, city and state, and how you heard about us. Feel free to write the kids a little note and we'll save it for their baby book.

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Angie said...

JoLynn, this just sent shivers down my spine! I can't wait to meet your little miracle babies. :)