Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you awake yet?

We have been so thankful for the NICU for setting the kids on a schedule since birth. Especially with twins. That is one luxury most parents of newborns do not have! But we have finally reached a point in their feedings that they are getting enough satisfaction that they don't need to eat every 3 hours. We are trying to listen to them to see what they need and adjust to a new schedule. We'd rather not switch completely to "on demand" because there won't be any normalcy to it and they could possibly pick very different times. So far it seems 4 hours during the day is what works for them. But overnight is another story. Last night they ate at 10 so we set the alarm for 2. I got up and peeked at them in the crib and they were so sound asleep I really didn't want to disturb them. So I set the snooze for 30 minutes later. 2:30 and they still hadn't moved. 3am - no noise from the natives. 3:45 and Shannon joined me in the crib check. We are going on 6 hours and decided to pick them up to see if they would rouse. On the one hand, it is awesome that they slept that long. On the other, they are still quite small and we don't want them to have too big of a stretch or they won't get enough feedings in a day to have a high enough caloric intake for growth to continue. Plus, it's hard to set an alarm to! Sara is so quiet in her complaining that she doesn't wake us from a deep sleep and Adam goes from zero to tachycardic in about 15 seconds!

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